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Anisa and Katherine – Two Traveling Texans

We’re pleased to have Two Traveling Texans, Anisa and Katherine, answering our Five Travel Questions.  Despite working full-time, both love to travel at any given opportunity. Find out more about their travels and aspirations!

Why do you love travel?

A: I love travel because of the experience. I love to see new things, meet new people, and learn.  Oh and the food too!

K:  I enjoy the opportunity to learn about different cultures and see how other people live.  Travel allows me to expand my horizons and sometimes tests my ability to problem solve (language barriers, getting lost, creating a good itinerary).

What destination is top of your bucket list? 

A: Honestly, it changes everyday (sometimes based on the last blog I read).  I guess right now,  Iceland! I know it’s touristy but I want to go to the Blue Lagoon.

K:  I would love to go to the beach in Vietnam.

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to?

A: My favorite place is Rome.  I really think it has everything – history, art, culture, great weather, nice people, good wine, fun nightlife, and delicious food.  I have really fond memories of my trips there – sitting in Piazza Navona drinking wine or just walking around the city admiring Bernini’s work.  And of course, I did throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, so I know I will be back there one day!

K:  Such a difficult question – I am going to pick a beach destination because I love time on a vacation to relax on the beach.  St. Bart’s has some of the most gorgeous beaches and Saline beach was absolutely amazing!  We walked through the dunes to get there and then it was so peaceful, and the water glistened.  Plus, the food in St. Bart’s is wonderful – we had a delicious breakfast in a cafe and a nice lunch on the beach.  

What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?

A: My favorite experience traveling was snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef.  I had been snorkeling before but nothing compared to the colors of coral and fish that I saw.  I went with my friend Akiko, from Japan.  I only had one day to spend there and I really wish I had more, I want to go back and also visit the Whitsunday Islands.

K: I went with my college roommate to Morocco.  As we were exploring Casablanca (our first stop on the trip), we saw a hammam (like a Turkish bath) and decided to give it a try.  There was a huge language barrier – we tried our best with our guidebook and pointing, and we eventually paid for a basic spa service, but they kept on talking to us in French and Arabic.  We had no idea what they were saying, and they eventually had to just take us by our wrists and lead us to where we were to go.  Then we got to the spa room and we were handed off to new people.  Again, they couldn’t communicate with us.  The other guests were watching all of this.  Luckily there was a guest who spoke Spanish, so she was able to tell us in Spanish what to do.  I really enjoyed the hammam – in fact, so much that we went back at the end of our trip – and I’m sure that the employees remembered us as the Americans who did not understand what to do!

What is your favourite photo from your travels?

A: A picture I took of the Joffre Lakes, which is just about an hour drive north of Whistler.  I went there on a girls trip in 2011.  We had a great hike there and the colors were just amazing.


K: I love this picture of Shoal Bay in Anguilla.  We got to the beach early so it was pretty deserted.  The water and sand there are perfection.


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