Bah Humburger Bundle Review, GBK | Christmas Burger?

Who says burgers can’t be Christmassy? See GBK’s Bah Humburger for proof !

Christmas? In a burger? Yes please!

I love the Taxidriver and the Blazing Sombrero burgers at GBK, but I went during December and was delighted to find a Christmas burger on the menu – the Bah Humburger!

A 6oz patty, smoked applewood cheese, bacon, mayo, onions and Ebenezer pickle (not a real type of pickle).

The Bah Humburger is so good, they’ve made a Christmas jumper celebrating it…

While you could spend £9.95, I recommend upgrading to the Bah Humburger bundle (£14.95) which also includes fries and a drink. I’m a huge fan of GBK’s milkshakes. I can recommend Salted Caramel, Oreo and Honeycomb.

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