Bahn Mi Bay Review, St Paul’s | Traditional Vietnamese Restaurant

I just love the variety of Vietnamese food and Bahn Mi Bay’s menu is no exception.

Pho noodle soups and noodle salads to rice dishes and bahn mi baguettes (Wham Bahn Mi review), there’s something to satisfy everyone.

Bi Cuon – caramel pork summer rolls

For starters, I had the Bi Cuon, two caramel pork summer rolls (£3.95). Summer rolls aren’t deep fried (like I thought they might be) like their cousin, pancake rolls. Instead they are a much healthier version wrapped in rice paper, this one packed with rice, vermicelli noodles, caramel pork and lettuce. A fresh nuoc mam dipping sauce was a little bit salty, sweet and chilli – I could have drank a whole bowl of the stuff.

‘It’s better when you eat with your hands’, the waiter suggested. The staff must have been chuckling at me struggling to eat the massive summer rolls with chopsticks…

I moved on from my embarrassment to the Bo Nuong Xa – grilled lemongrass beef rumptail (£8).

Bo Nuong Xa – grilled lemongrass beef rumptail

I believe Bahn Mi Bay when they say the beef was marinated for 24 hours such is the tenderness.

Unfortunately it didn’t pack much flavour. The squeeze of lime helped a little but a quarter wedge wasn’t enough. A little bowl of Chinese five spice did well to bring the pork to life, but you need to be careful with that stuff, it can bring a coma patient out of sleep.

If that doesn’t do it, the sriracha hot sauce on the table will. [insert Kramer from Seinfeld woah! noise here]

Maybe less beef and more vegetables for texture (other than the random circles of cucumber)? OMG. Did I just suggest less meat and more vegetables?!

You certainly get your moneys worth in meat (here come the meat sweats) and the huge bowl of rice (£1.90) makes sure you don’t walk away hungry, more waddling like a penguin I was so full.

I also had a Vietnamese tea which just tasted like green tea.

A short walk from St. Paul’s Cathedral, Bahn Mi Bay is an affordable Vietnamese restaurant to have dinner at. The closest underground stations to Bahn Mi Bay, 33 Cannon Street are St Paul’s and Mansion House.

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