3 Beaches Of Sicily’s West Coast

Along with Sardinia, Sicily is probably the best beach destination in Italy: a couple of its beaches hit last year’s Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Awards, and its minor islands are famous all over the world for their crystal clear sea.

In everyone’s mind Sicily is a triangle. Anyone who has been on the island at least once could easily name a beach of the Northern, Eastern or Southern coast. The West coast is the smallest one and it is often neglected.

It is a pity, since this small stretch of land features actually a few great spots. The best way to discover them is finding an accommodation right there on the coast, and then plan a few day-trips in the surroundings. If you want to make your holiday stylish, you can even choose your accommodation browsing the wide selection of villas in Sicily you can easily find on sites like Scent of Sicily.

San Vito Lo Capo Beach
Ok, if you have been in Sicily you should know this one, but we could not leave it out of the top 3. San Vito is a small seaside hamlet located on the northernmost point of the coast. Its beach of thin sand is one of Sicilians’ favourites and in August it can get pretty crowded.

San Vito Lo Capo Beach photo
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The town is famous for the Cous Cous, and every year it hosts the International Cous Cous Festival, an international culinary contest.

Monte Cofano
If you are looking for something off the beaten path Monte Cofano is your pick. You have to drive along the Western coastal road northward from Trapani for about 20 kilometres to reach the reserve; then leave the car and walk for 15-20 minutes to get to the sea. Don’t worry: your effort will be rewarded.

Monte Cofano photo
Photo by Vater_fotografo 3 Beaches Of Sicily’s West Coast 1

The nature around you will resemble somehow the Far West: a yellow sandy steppe at the foot of a mountain. Once you get to the sea everything will change. The water is deep blue, the spot is quiet, even during the hottest weeks of summer. You will want to stay there for hours. Bring water and food along though, because you will be literally in the middle of nowhere.

Stagnone Nature Reserve
The Stagnone (literally “big lake”) is located in the middle of the coast right between Trapani and Marsala. It is a lagoon that includes four islands, one of Sicily’s biggest maritime nature reserves. Stagnone has become one of the most famous kite-surfing spots in Italy: it already hosted the Kite Surf World Cup back in 2013.

Its peculiar landscape – the low tide, the salterns and threadmills – is definitely worth a visit. Best in the morning or late evening, when the flocks of pink flamingos that live in the area are around.

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