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Become a better skier in no time: 7 skiing tips for beginners

Learning how to ski can be a real drag filled with frustration, bumps, and bruises. And even spine surgery.

But it doesn’t have to be like that – all you need is the right approach and the coach. It is important to get started with appropriate gear and lessons, and to know the basics of navigating before your first ski holiday. With ski season just around the corner, we give you seven skiing tips if you are looking to make the most of your weekend or vacation in the mountains.

Never skied but want to give it a go? Here’s what you gotta do

Tips for beginner skiiers

Borrow the gear. Everyone wants to look good, right? Probably you want to buy a knock-out suit that might distract from your clumsy ski technique. However, given that this is your first season in the mountains, you may find that you don’t like skiing at all and you would have unnecessarily spent a lot of money.

Get fit. Imagine that you are too tired to get out of bed on your third day of trip. Not cool, right? The only way to make sure that you have the energy to enjoy the experience is get in shape long before you hit the slopes. Run, walk, hike, hit the gym – do whatever that makes you feel more fit and energized.

Watch videos. Get yourself in the right mood before your trip by watching videos of skiers having lots of fun, as they glide down the pistes. Pick videos where the weather is perfect, and ones where skiers make it look effortlessly easy. Just search your desired resort on Internet, and enjoy!

Take your time. Don’t rush straight up to the top of the mountain, because getting out of control and stacking it at high speed can put a beginner skier off. Get used to the feel of your boots by taking a walk around in them. Also, the way you stand on skis has a massive impact on the likelihood of you falling over when you start sliding. You will find that boots push you forward, but the weight of the front of your skis scoots you back. Just don’t panic, listen carefully to instructor’s advice and you will enjoy the joys of skiing  in no time.

skiing tips for beginners

What NOT TO DO as a first time skier

DON’T let your friends or family be your ski instructors. Pretty soon they’ll get bored of teaching you the basics and drag you to the top of a vertiginous slope. If you think that lessons with instructor are expensive, think twice – getting airlifted to the ER is way more expensive. The right instructor gives you the building block skills, the safety background and the confidence to progress quickly through the basics of skiing.

DON’T overthink things. Do you remember not having any fear as a child when you tried new things? As an adult you probably have that scary voice in your head shrieking “you’re going to die.” Just try to clear your mind and you’ll be just fine.

DON’T look down at your tips. This is one of the hardest things not to do. All you want to do is to look down and make sure your skis don’t cross. Well, this is when the real accidents happen. Keep your eyes few meters in front of your tips – that way you can see the terrain in front of you, and glimpses of your skis.

You are almost ready to go! Just remember to plan and prepare for ski season in advance – that includes not only physical exercise, but also booking a hotel and transfer from the airport to your desired resort. Skiing is beneficial for both your body and mind and we guarantee that you will come back with enhanced sleep and physical shape, not to mention uplifted mood. Good luck!

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