You Got Beef? It’s A Meaty Issue | Beef Leftover Ideas

People in the UK throw away 34,000 tonnes of beef every year. The equivalent of 300 million beef burgers.

I nearly fainted at the last stat.

If you’ve read the blog before, you’ll know I love burgers. Just read my reviews of unique London burgers and see for yourself.

That put into perspective just how much beef UK households waste (around 150 steaks if you’re a steak lover). Astonishing.

And the reasons can’t be justified either.


Answers to a survey ranged from gone past its use by date (one in six) to leaving it uncovered or in an open packet (one in ten). Essentially better planning, portioning and storage could save around £260 million worth of beef being thrown away.

A Meaty Issue

I was invited to attend Meaty Issues (hosted by Countryfile presenter and farmer Adam Henson), an event by the Love Food Hate Waste campaign you’ve probably seen or heard about.

We had a beef carving demonstration which highlighted just how many different parts there are. While parts vary in quality, you can use cheaper cuts to create mouthwatering dishes, no need to reach for the fillet every time.


For example, we had beef ravioli, arancini on beef and thai salad for starter and a take on the classic roast beef dinner using leftover beef. Delicious.

Have a butchers

Something I haven’t considered before is buying meat from a butchers instead of a supermarket. As revealed in the demonstration, some meats are too good to be used for mince for example, meaning you can save money using cheaper cuts which a butcher can recommend. Butchers can cut just the right amount you need and there’s less food packaging involved compared to supermarkets too.

You Got Beef?

So just what can you do with leftover beef? For me, you can’t beat a classic beef stir fry, which is also great for using leftover vegetables too. Quick, easy and delicious, it’s a recipe everyone should have in their arsenal. Other interesting ways to use leftover beef from the #meatyissues discussion on Twitter are chilli, curry and pies.


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