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Bert – Bert Abroad – Five Travel Questions

Today we have one of the cutest travellers I follow on Twitter answer our Five Travel Questions. It’s the very non camera shy Bert from Bert Abroad!

1) Why do you love travel?

Bert loves to travel
To see new places
Explore other cultures
And meet new faces

Every country is so different
Some are a real mystery
Bert just loves
All the amazing history

Over the past centuries
Times have certainly changed
Bert likes to hear the stories
Of how countries were arranged

Times of war & times of peace
Shaped the world today
It’s fascinating to see
Everyone changed a different way

Each culture is unique
With diverse architecture
Bert loves all the structures
With beauty you cannot measure

2) What destination is top of your bucket list? (Country, city, etc where ever!)

Bert wants to see Italy!
It’s number one on his Bucket List
He’d love to tour the whole country
There’s nothing he’d dismiss

Also Australia
Bert wants to go down under
To see the city & the country
And admire with awe & wonder

New Zealand is also up there
Bert thinks it looks swell!
He wants to do the LOTR tour
And stay at the Hobbit Hotel!

3) Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to? (and why)

The Tower of London
Is Bert’s favorite place he’s been
There’s such incredible history
Captured from within

It’s a remarkable structure
And built so long ago
Inside Bert heard stories
And learned things he didn’t know

So much has happened
Within the castle walls
You can almost hear voices
Echoing in the halls

It sits on the River Thames
And is photogenic all around
From the highest towers
To the Yeomen Warders on the ground

4) What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?

Bert’s favorite memory
While traveling about
Was climbing the Eiffel Tower
Of that, he has no doubt

At the Jules Verne restaurant
Bert sat down to lunch
Surrounded by his family
Who are a loving bunch

To Bert, the best way to travel
Is with people that you love
It makes the experiences better
It’s what he’s always dreamed of

Standing on the platform
Looking over Paris, France
With family all around him
Bert really wanted to dance!


5) What is your favourite photo from your travels? (if you could attach the photo that would be great!)

Bert’s favorite photo
Is from The Louvre in France
He’s hiding in plain sight
Do you see him at first glance?


Follow Bert on his travels at, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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