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Hear 27 Best Comedy Podcasts & Episodes on Spotify 2023

I’ve listened to 150+ comedy podcasts. Here are the best comedy podcasts and stand up comedians on Spotify that are actually funny.

Did you know laughter has positive effects such as strengthening your immune system as well as boosting your mood and makes your feel less stressed? Also check out my other best lists of comedies on Apple TV, stand-up comedy albums and specials and comedies on Sky.

Stand By Your Band

The funniest music podcast

Stand By Your Band is my favourite thing ever. And that includes my favourite music, TV show and movies.

Love a band people love to make fun of? Show me someone who doesn’t and I’ll show you a liar.

Tom Thakkar and Tommy McNamara invite fellow comedians to defend their chosen band with a six song playlist. But the hosts research hilarious band stories, terrible lyrics and interviews that make them indefensible. No one is safe. Some of the episodes I frequently relisten to include All American Rejects, Ja Rule and Good Charlotte. Find out who their 20 worst rated bands are and listen to the 6 most controversial moments on Stand By Your Band.

Listen to the best quotes and stories from Oasis

Check out their live shows where they host a battle of the bands, comedians defend their band and roast others. It can get wildly heated!

And sign up to their Patreon for measley $3 a month where they to find the worst song on Spotify and share music they actually like (they actually have pretty good taste in music it turns out. Although they hate Yellowcard…).

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Are You Garbage?

The funniest podcast which asks are you a trash person

Like do you brush your teeth in the shower? Do you keep your toothbrush in the shower? Do you pee in the shower. Do you sleep with any weapon best you? Have you ever tried to train a pet to retrieve a beverage for you? Have you ever eaten a boiled egg in public? Have you ever skied in jeans? Or have you ever had 69 or 420 in an email address or screen name?

Kevin Ryan and H Foley invite your favourite comedians to determine whether they are garbage through a series of questions and comics trekking tales from their childhood. Turns out I definitely have some garbage tendencies…

Listen to Tom Thakkar’s bizarre childhood…

Full episodes are on YouTube too which I recommend watching.

And watch their tour special for some wild live questions from the audience.

Valley Heat

The funniest fictional story podcast

Doug Duguay investigates suspicious activities around his home and neighbourhood of Burank. It quickly escalates. I haven’t felt this tense since watching Uncut Gems.

Doug just can’t help himself, with his Larry David opinions and situations he finds himself in. If you love Curb Your Enthusiasm, you’ll probably think Valley Heat is pretty, pretty good.

There’s appearances by Seinfeld-like oddball characters, ridiculous sponsored adverts and ‘inventive’ songs by local band, Cephalopods Are People.

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Exit Interview

The funniest improvised podcast

The Devil and God are actually friends. And host a podcast together. In an elevator between heaven and hell. This podcast is ridiculously silly.

Dan Kuan Peeples and John Goodman (not that John Goodman) improvise stories with their guest, revisiting important moments in a fictional character’s life and how they died. Cue hilarious backstories and terrible ways to die. The Devil and God then decide if that person goes to heaven or hell. I would love to see an animated series of Exit Interview.

If you enjoy Whose Line Is It Anyway and Murderville on Netflix then you’ll probably enjoy Exit Interview.

Listen to this political story of Marcus Chennedy (that’s not a spelling mistake).

Drifting Off With Joe Pera

The funniest relaxing podcast

If you like/need something to listen to when going to sleep like I do, look no further than Drifting Off With Joe Pera.

Released monthly, each 25 minute episode focuses on a different theme (history of clocks and videos games) and features fun historical facts and amusing interviews with guests with thematical soundscapes soundtracking your journey to relaxation.

If you like sleep stories on meditation apps like Calm, you’ll love this. I also recommend signing up to the Patreon for extended hour long episodes with longer soundscapes.

Check out this episode feature Red Dead voice and motion caption actor Roger Clark.

Pappy’s Flatshare

The funniest gameshow

Ben Clark, Matthew Crosby and Tom Parry and guests battle it out playing nonsensical musical and word play games – around the theme of being housemates.

If you loved Flights of the Conchords, you’ll probably like Pappy’s Flatshare. I’ve seen the show live a few times at Machynlleth Comedy Festival in Wales.

Never Seen It

The funniest film podcast

Kyle Ayers invites guests to rewrite a script for a film – they’ve never seen.

Cue hilarious film clichés and alternate takes on famous movie plotlines. There’s also a bunch of fun movie quizzes and games like guess the movie Kyle’s dad is describing from watching the trailer…

Listen to Andrew Collin rewrite A Star is Born (it’s certainly an alternate take on the modern version).

See my list of best film podcasts!

Hunk with Mike Bridenstine

The funniest topical panel show podcast

Mike Bridenstine invites comedians to discuss the week’s topical events, from US politics to pop culture. There are a lot hot takes for sure.

The episodes end with a fun bracket tournament which sees the eight best songs of a chosen year pitted against each other.

Wolf and Owl

The funniest podcast about random topics

The Wolf (Tom Davis) and Owl (Romesh Ranganathan) catch up with no real theme, but whatever they talk about it’s always funny. Unless the theme is Romesh making fun of Tom (which is always funny too. They also provide advice to listener emails.

In this episode, Tom and Rom talk about celebrities advertising products.


The funniest podcast about weird news stories

Let’s face it, the news it down right depressing most of the time. Hosts Kurt Braunohler and Scotty Landes focus on the funniest and weirdest stories from around the world. The world is a funny place it turns out. I recommend following their Instagram account too, where they share stories which didn’t make the episodes. The cutting room floor is still a gold mine.

Make Up or Break Up

The funniest podcast about relationships

If you love Married at First Sight (which I do), then you’ll probably love Make Up or Break Up.

In this classic game of Mr and Mrs, Alyssa Al-Dookhi and John Deary ask a series of questions like most annoying habit which have hilarious answers. And could break up the couple.

All Fantasy Everything

The funniest podcasts about best lists

Each episodes sees comedians Ian Karmel, David  Gborie and Sean Jordan draft a pop culture list, from movies and music to fictional characters they’d want to fight.

Listen to this episode where they talk about movies/books/songs they would’ve written eventually. If you like this episode, I’d also recommend checking out their draft of the best moments from the Fast and the Furious franchise.

Wheel of Misfortune

The funniest podcast about embarrassing stories

Fern Brady and Alison Hagan spin the wheel of misfortune and tell personal and listener stories on a topic from tattoos to travel.

Listen to the Wheel of Misfortune episode on terrible holidays.

Dumb Pitches

The funniest podcast about bad ideas

Successful comedians tell Monica Nevi their worst ideas. They are all hilariously bad.

Shane Torres has lots of bad ideas. A LOT.

Elis James and John Robins

The funniest radio show

Expect made-up games, fun topics of discussions and embarrassing listener emails. Listen to the best of 2021.

Congrats on the New…

The funniest improve podcast

Steen Raskopoulos invites guests to promote their new project. Except it totally made up and they have to field Steen’s questions on the spot.

This episode with Daniel Sloss had me in stitches, as he promotes his new TV show, The Love Hunter… Listen to find out all about it.

Don’t You Know Who I Am?

The funniest quiz show podcast

Hosted by Josh Earl, four guests battle it out to see who knows each other best through a series of Tweets and hilarious game of truth or lie.

Listen to this episode with Joel Kim Booster, Sean Patton, Deanne Smith and Alice Snedden.

Last Podcast on the Left

The funniest true crime podcast

Who knew true crime could be this funny?

Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski tell in-depth stories about macabre murders and mysteries, whilst poking fun at the killers.

>>>Check out my favourite true crime YouTube channel, BuzzFeed Unsolved!<<<

Evil Men

The funniest podcast about bad guys

Tyrants, creeps and bozos are exposed in Evil Men. Find out all the misdeeds of Morrissey.

Dumb Love

The funniest podcast about the dumb things people do for love

Jen O’Neill Smith and Sally Brooks tell their favourite stories from around the world about love.

Listen to this episode about what two NASA nerds got up to…

The Peter Crouch Podcast

The funniest football podcast

Ever wondered what life would be like as a footballer?

Former England striker reveals all from training to matches to… the team bus. Peter Crouch has a funny story for every scenario.

Listen to this episode about nights out as a footballer.

See my list of best football podcasts and football documentaries!

Dr. Gameshow

The funniest gameshow podcast

Hosted by Jo Firestone and Manolo Moreno play fun and original games – sent in by listeners.

Some are good, some are bad, but it’s worth it to hear Jo grow increasingly frustrated by rules which make no sense. Manolo singing on-the-spot songs also makes listening to Dr. Gameshow worth it too.

You could really pick any episode, they’re all unique.

Good Time Gal with Caitlin Peluffo

The funniest podcast about drinking

Caitlin Peluffo invites guests to share stories of when alcohol helped them make the worst decisions.

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

The funniest food podcast

POPPADOMS OR BREAD!? is just one of the questions guests are asked on Off Menu (bread every time for me thanks).

The premise is simple, what would you have as your dream, starter, main course and dessert?

Listen to Joe Thomas discuss his favourite food.

Netflix Is A Daily Joke

The funniest podcast about Netflix comedies

Short clips every day featuring the best stand up comedies on Netflix – a great way of finding what to watch on Netflix next if you struggle like me.

My Mate Bought a Toaster

The funniest podcast about your purchase history

Who knew you could make a podcast about people’s Amazon purchase history interesting let alone funny?

Tom Price picks his guests weirdest and most mundane purchases to reveal funny stories behind them.

Listen to the time Danny Wallace bought pegs (I know what you’re thinking but it’s genuinely funny).


The funniest podcast about billionaires

Are all billionaires bad people? Probably.

Learn how they made their money and laugh at them with Grubstakers.

That’s a First!

The funniest podcast about stories of your first time

Maisie Adam and Tom Lucy invite guests to tell stories about their the first times in their life.

Listen to Romesh Ranganathan tell stories about shitting himself…

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