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11 Best Football Documentaries Currently Streaming 2022 (Trailers)

Much like football autobiographies, they are a lot of boring football documentaries. Here are the ones actually worth watching.

The Figo Affair: The Transfer that Changed Football – Netflix

What happens when a player goes to their rival club? There are several layers to this documentary centering around Figo’s controversial move from Real Madrid.

It’s also just a great reminder as to how great Figo was.

I Believe In Miracles – Netflix

The incredible story of how Brian Clough molded a Second Division Nottingham Forest into European Cup winners after a failed stint as Leeds manager (I can recommend the film ‘The Damned United’ for more information on this).

The interviews with former players are hilarious, they clearly had a dressing room full of banter and hijinks. There are also a ton of stories and quotes about the legendary Brian Clough.

Sunderland Till I Die – Netflix

Follow the journey over two seasons as a fly on the wall at the Stadium of Light. Unlike most football documentaries which follow clubs looking to win trophies, Sunderland are looking to avoid relegation.

I won’t spoil the endings of two thrilling seasons, but they are surprisingly tense.

The Crazy Gang – BT Sport

The rise of Wimbledon from the old fourth division to the first division. Whilst kicking and elbowing everything that moved.

Former players such as Vinnie Jones, John Fashanu and Dave Beasant reveal all the ‘tactics’ they used to strike fear into their opponents. And that was before they got onto the pitch. Some of the stories are insane.

Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In – Channel 4

One of the most successful managers in the modern game tells his story from playing as a striker for Glasgow Rangers to managing Aberdeen and Manchester United.

Never Give In is an apt title. At every stage of his career, Sir Alex had had to battle his way to the top. If you’re only familiar with his time at United, you’ll be in awe at his beginnings in Scotland.

All Or Nothing – Amazon Prime

I cannot wait for the Arsenal All Or Nothing series to be released, now how it all ends. Until then, I’ll have to make do and rewatch the Spurs and Man City series.

You can learn a lot from watching two of footballs modern managing greats in Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho as you see them prepare for matches and give half time team talks.

You Might Be Interested In…

Fever Pitch: Rise of the Premier League – BBC Iplayer

For some, the Premier League has always been around. But its creation in 1992 was controversial.

Fever Pitch covers the first decade and how the Premier League became the biggest in world football. There are detailed accounts of the league contenders during these formative years, interviews with the best players and what went on behind the scenes.

Gazza – BBC iPlayer

A two part series about a genius on the pitch, but largely focused on the media’s part in his mental downfall off the pitch.

The fame, media attention and awful tabloid stories are told by the people who knew him the best. It’s a really sad story of what could have been and also how the media really haven’t changed in 30 years.

The Special 1 – BT Sport

Why would anyone want to go in goal? The Special 1 talks to former goalkeepers like Shay Given, Neville Southall and David James about how they became a goalkeeper, what you need psychologically to cope with being the last line in defence and how you deal with mistakes.

They also talk about multiple hand injuries. You get to see Rob Greens gross pinky

Super Greed – Sky

We all know football is driven by huge sums of money and power. Super Greed specifically looks at the failed attempt to create a Super League, who were the major instigators and how it all ended.

Class of 92′: Full Time – Sky

See what life is like in the National League as the Neville Brothers, David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs take control of Salford City.

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