12 Best Football Podcasts & My Favourite Episodes on Spotify 2021

I’ve listened to 50+ so far, here are the best football podcasts on Spotify and picked my favourite episodes to give you an idea why you should subscribe.

Quickly Kevin; will he score?

The football podcast about 90’s football

Join comedian Josh Widdicombe and co-hosts Chris Scull and Michael Marden as they travel back in time and revisit the funniest stories and events from the 90’s. They cover everyone from Premier League teams to Euro 96 to, Gillingham…

If you liked Sunderland Till I Die and Class of 92′, listen to Ivo Graham discuss the football documentary, That’s Football, which follows Swindon Town’s journey to the Premier League.

Football Legends

The football podcast about football autobiographies

You’ve probably read a lot of boring footballer autobiographies which follow the same patterns along the lines of ‘I worked hard when I was young and then went on to play for England’ etc.

Paul Scholes, for example, is by far the most dour I’ve read – he doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone. Some of my favourites on the other hand include Roy Keane, Craig Bellamy and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (they hate everyone).

Football Legends picks out the funniest and most ridiculous stories from football on and off the pitch. There are even some episodes from referee autobiographies (yeah I didn’t realise referees wrote autobiographies either).

Get all the background from punch ups to wild nights out. And decide for yourself who has the worst autobiography title.

Listen to this special with Psycho himself, Stuart Pearce.

Tifo Football Podcast

The football podcast looking at recent news stories

Tifo stands out from the rest as they tackle unique topics in global football, from the Australian League to the Chagos Islands as well as the Premier League. Other interesting recurring topics include What’s Going on at a Premier League Club and Sensible Transfers, where they pick the perfect player to fill a gap in the team.

Have you seen the film Moneyball? This episode looks into how footballers players are using data to find the right club is fascinating. This is for anyone who loves Football Manager.

That Peter Crouch Podcast

The football podcast about being a footballer

An insightful and very funny look into what it’s like being a footballer. Everything from the half-time team talks to the team bus to retirement. Who knew they had a chef on the bus?! And there’s everything else that comes from earning millions like cars and houses which Crouch and the team actually makes sound interesting.

Listen to Peter tell some hilarious stories from his time at Premier League clubs and the England international team plus interviews with players and managers he’s worked with.

Sacked in the Morning

The football podcast about managers

Ever felt the pressure while playing Football Manager? Former Scotland manager Craig Levein and Amy Irons invite football managers to discuss what it’s really like to be a manager.

Everything from man management to referees to handling the media.

Listen to wheeler dealer Harry Redknapp talk about transfers.


The football podcast which asks the people who were there

For anyone looking for a Netflix style documentary, you need to listen to Giant.

Giant’s investigative journalism is fantastic, providing real insight into stories big and small.

I love this origin story of the Brazilian striker, Ronaldo and how PSV Eindhoven helped shaped his career.

The Athletic Football Tactics Podcast

The football podcast about tactics

The Athletic have invested heavily in their football coverage recently, making them one of my favourite sites for the latest football coverage.

The Athletic have a number of football podcasts, but it think Zonal Marking is the best and most unique on offer.

Zonal Marking is an intelligent and in-depth tactical analysis of teams, players and coaches. Michael Cox wrote the book on football tactics.

Why have Man City been so poor this season? And how has Ancelotti transformed Everton?

Listen to Zidane’s rise as a three times Champions League winner with Real Madrid.

Football Cult’s Heroes

The football podcast about legends of the English game

Fans, players and journalists explain how players became club legends.

Find out how Jay-Jay Okocha ended up at Bolton Wanderers and his influence on Ronaldinho.

Football Daft

The football podcast about Scottish Football

Caveat; the presenters of Football Daft have strong Scottish accents. From personal experience, some people find my Glaswegian accent difficult to understand if you aren’t Scottish, so you might too. And I sound English compared to these guys.

But I promise if you stick with them you’ll be in tears with their constant piss taking (two Rangers fans Vs one Celtic fan). There’s fun quizzes, interviews with legendary Scottish footballers past and present and discussions about Scottish football.

This episode with Frank McAvennie is a good example of what to expect from Football Daft.

Read this: Is watching NFL football at Wembley worth it?

Forgotten Stories of Football

The football podcast about historical football events you’ve never heard of

A new football podcast, The Guardian dig into their back catalogue of articles to retell the best but lesser known football events.

Listen to Manchester United’s experience of playing Galatasaray in 1993.

B/R Football Ranks

The football podcast which seeks to find the number 1 of everything

B/R Football Ranks is like being down the pub with your mates, ranking everything from the best Premier League players ever to settling the age old debate, who’s better: Ronaldo or Messi?

The debates are well researched and stats are brought to the table. How would you rank the 10 most expensive transfers ever? Or how would you rebuild a £500m team?

Find out who they think is the greatest player never to have won the Ballon d’Or.

The Sky Sports Football Podcast

An extension of Monday Night Football, hear Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher discuss the latest talking points in football and interview the biggest names in the Premier League, past and present.

Hear a heated debate between Gary Neville Carlos Tevez’s agent as to whether the player ‘down-tooled’ towards the end of the Argentinian’s career at Old Trafford.

Bonus: PES United – Bilal Zafar

Okay, PES United isn’t a podcast, but if you like any of the above suggestions, you might like this too.

Comedian Bilal Zafar plays and manages PES United on PES 2005. As manager, he does team talks, press conferences and man management with all your favourites from the legendary Master League.

That’s right, Castolo, Dodo and Valery are all brought to life and it’s hilarious.

Here are a couple of clips which had me in tears.

Follow Bilal on Twitter for the latest on PES United’s journey.