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Which Is Better, Suitcase Or Duffel For Summer Travel?

If you are planning on buying new luggage before your trip this summer, you should first consider how much stuff you are bringing with you.

Then, consider the additional features you would enjoy. Are you going on a short weekend getaway, or a week-long family vacation?

Do you need to bring additional sets of clothing, such as formal wear? The answers to these questions should assist you in determining which model is the best luggage for you.

Here are some of the available options to help you further narrow down your needs and get your trip started the best way possible.

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Duffel versus Rolling Luggage

If you plan on flying solo or with a partner for a short vacation, you may find it easier to bring as little as possible with you and purchasing necessities upon arrival. In this case, bringing a duffel bag, or overnight bag, would be the quickest way to travel.

There are many varieties of duffel bags with security features such as locking clasps, or even combination locks, to keep your contents safe if you need to check the bag for any reason.

Duffel bags also collapse very easily, so a large duffel bag could be used as a carry-on in most airplanes, so long as you only fill the bag to the specifications provided by your air travel provider. Check here for more ideas.

If you are taking your family away for a trip, then rolling lightweight luggage is probably the best luggage for your needs, especially if you plan on flying.

Rolling luggage is excellent for maneuvering through an airport because dragging the rolling bag takes less effort than carrying it. This means as little slowing down as possible.

The dimensions of rolling luggage are always clearly provided, but many models are also named “carry-on” to highlight the fact that this particular piece is within the acceptable carry-on size limits of popular airlines.

Considering just how many belongings you intend to pack – and how many new things you intend to bring back with you – is key to choosing the best luggage for your summer trip.

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