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6 Best Stand By Your Band Episodes

My favourite thing ever, Stand By Your Band, is five years old! I relisten to episodes like I rewatch my favourite films and tv shows. And in true Stand By Your Band fashion, I’ve picked 6 of my favourite episodes!

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What is Stand By Your Band?

Who among us doesn’t have a guilty pleasure they listen to?

Join Tom (the wolf of dog street), Tommy (the dog of wolf street/the Prince of snarkness) and fellow Pissfreaks of urination to music in all six ways (for the longest time people thought there were only four ways, but Tom found another two).

Everyone from Coldplay to Britney Spears to Lou Bega is critiqued. There’s surprisingly some pop punk bands like Alkaline Trio, Taking Back Sunday and Yellowcard covered too which I love.

There’s also bands I already knew about like Aerosmith, Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters who I rediscovered a new love for.

And Toto had more than just one hit song, Africa!

I’ve also been introduced to some artists who aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be, like Incubus, Soulja Boy and even Hannah Montana (hot take, Hannah Montana is just a softer Paramore). The guest obviously did a good job defending them.

And it’s really interesting to learn the history of the band, facts only fans would know and to listen to the deep cuts as well as the hit singles.

Tom and Tommy research the artist thoroughly for embarrassing stories and interviews (mostly involves Googling ‘[band name] sucks/piss/gay’). And there are some really bad stories which the guest has to defend (sometimes they end up hating the band too).

In the segment ‘They went to Jared’, friend and foe of the podcast, owner of the comedy club the Comedy Attic in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana and real creator of the podcast, Jared Thompson, gives his (often scathing) review of the artist in question.

Most of the time he makes good points against the band in question, but scoring zero for Barenaked Ladies? C’mon!

Next to interrogate the band is the Facebook page where more comedians have their say whilst telling hilarious personal history with the bands.

After the intense grilling, Tom, Tommy and the guest rate the playlist out of six (their six song playlist). There have been times where the guest ranks their own playlist lower than Tom and Tommy…

Now and again, the guest realise the band are awful like Ahri Findling. I still stand by Yellowcard.

The scores have also caused controversy and friction too, like Tommy not liking Limp Bizkit… See the boys 20 worst rated bands and artists.

Here are the six best episodes of Stand By Your Band to get you started.