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Best Places to visit in Chamba Himachal Pradesh

1 Khajjiar

2 Dalhousie

3 Dharamshala

4 Saho

5 Palampur

6 Barot Valley

Chamba Himachal Pradesh photo
Photo by varunshiv

 Chamba is a beautiful city in Himachal Pradesh, situated on the banks of the Ravi River. Nestled amidst hill valley and lush green environment, this city holds great importance in the tourism sector. Tourists from all over the world come here to spend a relaxed time. If we throw light on history, it is known that here once ruled the Maru dynasty. Many pieces of evidence from the past can still be seen here. Here you can see many forts and palaces from ancient temples.

 Chamba is also far ahead in the field of art, the hill paintings made here are very much liked by the tourists. The Lakshmi Narayan Temple is a very popular temple, where devotees from far and wide arrive for darshan. By the way, there are a lot of great places around Chamba, where you can go during the city tour. Let’s know how these places can make you happy.


 From Chamba city, you can plan a trip to Khajjiar, a beautiful tourist destination. Khajjiyar is counted among the most special tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh, where the mountainous valleys and lush green landscape greatly affect the tourists. Khajjiar belongs to the Chamba district, where you can travel a few km and reach it easily.

 It is situated at an altitude of about 6500 feet above sea level, from where you can see many snowy peaks of the Himalayas. Given the beauty of this mountainous region, it is also called Mini Switzerland of India. You can come here with your family or friends for a beautiful trip. The venue is especially special for lovers.


 From Chamba you can plan a trip to Dalhousie, one of the most important hill stations of Himachal. Dalhousie is a beautiful hill station in the state, which was inhabited by the British during the colonial period. This hill station also comes under the Chamba district. Dalhousie is situated on five hills at an altitude of 1970 m above sea level.

 This hill station was named after British Governor Dalhousie. During that time it was used for summer vacation. The trip here can be special for you in many ways. You can enjoy the natural beauty here as well as see the ancient structures and architecture present here. You can plan here for a memorable trip.


 To make your trip special, you can make a plan from Chamba to Dharamshala. Dharamshala is a special tourist destination of the state, which is famous worldwide for its natural beauty as well as spiritual significance. One of the main attractions here is Dharamshala Cricket Ground, which is counted among the highest cricket stadium in the world.

 Many Buddhist monasteries exist here, which are considered to be great centers of spiritual and mental peace. The environment of Dharamshala is very quiet, where you will get immense inner peace. You can plan here for a wonderful trip.


 From Chamba, you can plan a tour of Saho situated at a distance of 20 km. Saho is a Khasa tourism destination in the state, which is considered to be quite special in the natural and cultural form. The Chandrasekhar temple of Lord Shiva present here is very popular, where devotees from far and wide arrive for darshan. This hill station is situated in the grocery of Sal river here. The lush green environment here greatly affects tourists.


 Apart from the above-mentioned sites, you can plan from Chamba to Palampur Hill Station. It is a very beautiful tourist destination, where tourists keep visiting year-round. Situated at an altitude of 1205 meters above sea level, this place is known for its hilly beauty, valleys and tea gardens. It is one of the most relaxed destinations in India. Among the places of interest here are Dhauladhar National Park, Chamunda Devi Temple, Bazinath Temple, Saurabh Van Vihar, Tea Gardens, etc.

Barot Valley

 Barot Valley, situated in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, is a small beautiful hill station situated on the Uhl River. The Barot Valley, one of the hidden scenic spots of Himachal, was built for a power project on the Uhl River, which has slowly become popular as a hill-station among tourists. 

 This valley is very famous among adventure lovers, as tourists in this valley can take advantage of trekking, fishing, camping, etc. Then why plan to visit these holidays and travel to the beautiful shields hidden in the Shivalik range.

How To Reach Chamba By Train

The nearest railway station is Pathankot. You can hire a taxi Pathankot to Chamba distance is 120km

How To Reach Chamba By Bus

Chamba Himachal Pradesh is well connecting road too major city of Himachal Pradesh.

How To Reach Chamba By Air

The nearest airport is Gaggal airport in Dharamsala and the distance from Gaggal airport to Chamba is 200km you can hire a cab or taxi to reach Chamba

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