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Best Record Stores in Seattle

Hipsters, melomaniacs, and your average Joe who simply wants good sound filling his room will all agree that vinyl records have an indisputable quality about them. It’s that ability to bring you back to a place, time, or feeling with its crackle, pop, and play of the record as it spins.

Whether you’ve been collecting for years or are just getting into the scene, it’s vital to know the best stores around for listening, purchasing, and pricing. It’s also necessary to have the best gear for your vinyl to sound it’s best. So, if you’re ever in Seattle, be sure to check out the seven best record stores in Seattle. They’re not listed in any particular order, as each one has a different style and funk.

  1. Wall of Sound

For a smaller, boutique shopping experience for the high-brow hipster, check out Wall of Sound. Each record in here has been perfectly chosen to bring the customer an appreciation for music, culture, and things off the beaten path. So, Top 40 listeners stay away, as Wall of Sound says it best.

They have ” avant-garde, Japanese, noise, industrial, art, jazz, folk, experimental, ambient, world, electronic, electro-acoustic, neoclassical and other genres for the discrimination listener”.  So, if even a few of those categories resonate with your soul, head on over to Wall of Sound for a truly divine experience.


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  1. Jive Time Records

Jive Time is your hub for excellent used vinyl in Seattle. With new arrivals coming in every day, it’s been featured in Rolling Stones and The Seattle Times for its exceptional selection and service. If you need more incentive to stop in, there are ample coupons on their website, including one for a 99 cent record!

If you’re on a budget – and you’ve already used your coupon – head across the street to their Annex where they have even more discounted classics. Jive Time would be most vinyl lover’s go-to shop when asked where to go. So, start here on your record searching days.

jive time records

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  1. Daybreak Records

Daybreak Records is the latest up and coming record store in Seattle. Only open since July of 2016, they’ve focused on a little different crowd. Rather than your typical slightly grungy record store, they have a modern, curated experience awaiting you. With comfortable listening stations beckoning you to bring you into their world, the staff has an appreciation for all varieties and genres of music. Stop in simply to chat with them or explore new bands or to seek out your favorite 45. As with most stores, they’ll also buy your quality used vinyl.

Day Break

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  1. Everyday Music

With the space to have a small army, Everyday Music has cultivated quite the array of vinyl, cd’s, and movies. You can find everything you’re looking for, from rock and pop, rap and hip-hop, jazz and blues, folk and country, reggae and world music. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, the staff will help you search and special order the album for you.

With exceptional customer service and a ginormous selection, Everyday Music easily made our list of Best Record Stores in Seattle. Also, if you happen to be out and about on a holiday, the store is open every single day of the year until ten PM. So, if they’re not dedicated to bringing you the best music possible, show me someone who is.

Everyday music

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  1. Sonic Boom

Curated over the past twenty years into the hip record headquarters it is today, Sonic Boom is wonderfully intertwined with the music history in Seattle. From hosting Death Cab for Cutie when they released the debut album, to being the secret drop off location for Fleet Foxes before they were cool, Sonic Boom has made its mark. Still hosting brilliant musicians monthly in the store, they surpass being a simply store. They’ve become the source of independent music to Seattle. So, Sonic Boom is a must see if you have any appreciation for music and the people that make it.

sonic boom

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  1. Easy Street Records & Café

If you love music as much as Matt Vaughan, the owner of Easy Street Records & Café, you’re sure to adore this store. With a decent selection of both vinyl and CD’s, this is a solid choice for a lazy breakfast and shopping morning. With the attached café serving classic American food at a decent price point, you can’t go wrong with a little trek to West Seattle. Oh and don’t worry, last time I check, the coffee was only a dollar. So, you’ll be fueled for however long you are on the search for the perfect record.

easy street

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  1. Silver Platters

One of three of the chain, the Silver Platters in Sodo is known for its knowledgeable staff and ample stock. They will most definitely have any newly put out album that is the talk of the town. With an emphasis on Jazz and Classical, they will have most of the classics you’re searching for. In addition, you can order online and get free shipping pretty easily, so this store isn’t only for the PNW-ers. But, if you are in the city, they have free parking, so you really can’t beat that when mixed with a stellar selection.

silver platter

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Whatever you fancy, from fresh off the press modern vinyl, to the warming classics of the 50’s, you’ll be able to find anything you could dream of and more at the best record stores in Seattle. If you’re wanting to explore a little more, head up just a smidgen north to Vancouver for even more musical exploration.

If it’s a bite to eat while perusing at Easy Street or delving into the history of Seattle music at Sonic Boom, I’m excited for you to experience the joy that the Record stores of Seattle prepare to give. Take note as well, that the 8th Annual Record Store Day is coming up on April 21st. Each one of these stores will have special celebrations and promotions, so be sure to check them out.

And if you’re looking for a record player, I have and can recommend the Pro-Ject Audio Systems Elemental Hi-Fi Turntable.

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