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Best Sports Documentaries On Netflix (Trailers)

The Last Dance

Follow the journey one of the greatest basketball teams (Chicago Bulls) and player (Michael Jordan) as they go for the double three-peat.

With all that huge talent comes huge egos and The Last Dance interviews all those to get first hand accounts of what really went on in the dressing room.


Everyone remembers who finishes in first place, but what about the people who finish second?

Find out what happened then and now in every sport from figure skating to curling…

Untold: Crime and Penalties

Like a real life Sopranos, find out what happened when a hockey team has mob conenctions.

You Might Be Interested In…

Untold: Malice at the Palace

Sporting spectators need to chill. Remember when someone flung a pigs head at Luis Figo during a Barcelona vs Real Madrid match?

But what happens when a team retaliates? If you though Eric Cantona fly kicking a Crystal Palace fan was shocking, what till you see what the The Pacers did.


How do athletes who dope go undetected? Bryan Fogel stumbles upon the man who created the system and reveals just how elaborate the plan had to be.

Bad Sport

If you love true crime, you’ll love Bad Sport. The things people do to reach the top are insane.

But no one stays at the top for ever.

Sunderland Till I Die

Covering two dramatic seasons, go behind the scenes of Sunderland Football Club and all the changes from managers to players to the owners.

Drive To Survive

Formula 1 may have the biggest egos of all sports. There may be teams of two, but everyone is out for themselves and Drive To Survive reveals all the inner team fractions and fights. And there are many of them. Plus there’s fighting between the teams too of course.

Bonus: Buzzfeed Unsolved (Sports Edition)

I love Buzzfeed Unsolved and I love sports conspiracies. Here’s an interesting conspiracy abou Michael Jordan retiring from basketball the first time.

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