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Best Things To See & Do In Koh Samui

The quick facts that you should know about Koh Samui are that it is a tourist attraction which has a population of about 50,000.

This paradise beach destination has coral reefs and a beautiful sandy beach, and it is also known for its strong coconut industry. More than 1.5 million tourists visit Koh Samui every year.

Koh Samui is a great place for a vacation. This infographic can help you choose your activities. Either you travel alone with a group of friends or with kids there are plenty of things you can choose from, making your staying fun.

Most new solo travellers in Koh Samui stay in Chaweng. Lamai is also another quiet area where you can get Condo for rent in Samui, although it has a red-light district vibe. If you love gyms, this place has one of the best Muay Thai gyms in this country. You can also go to Bophut if you need an upmarket scene and silence. In case you love remote places with the cutest natural beauty and the best sunset you can go to Taling Ngam.

Selection of a Condo rent in Samui is a good choice for a first-time traveller on the island because it is safer compared to hostels. In case they should stay in hotels, they should avoid the first floor of the budget hotels. The hotel keys should contain a room number on them, and you should know it off the head and be careful not to lose them.

I strongly recommend you consider Koh Samui for your next trip!


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