Bibimbap Soho Restaurant Review, Greek Street | Seafood Korean Style

‘Fried or raw?’

Raw? Why would I want my egg raw? Who am I? Rocky? How hot is this bowl?

For those like me who have never come across the Korean dish Bibimbap (pronounced Bi-Bim-Bap), it’s a mix of rice, meat and vegetables, a great way to use up leftovers. Bibimbaps look and taste anything but a dish of random leftovers however. Bibimbap also serve theirs in a it’s a ruddy hot bowl called a dolsot which is used to cook food – whilst being served at your table. Their fillet steak for instance comes raw and cooks in front of you… (full list of Bibimbap Soho menu).

My seafood Bibimap arrived with the food still crackling away.

I do think there is a genuine case for all food to be served like this. It kept the meal hot to the very last grain of rice.

I was tempted to touch the bowl just to really see how hot it was, but decided it’s midweek and I need my fingertips for typing at work.

For £9.95, you get a bibimap of squid, mushroom, beansprouts, red cabbage, pak choi, prawns, shredded carrot and a choice of brown or white rice. The fried (or raw egg) is an extra £1.

Seafood mix – Bibimbap Soho

Maybe its the fact that the bowl retains its heat that the meal is quite dry. Bibimap do provide miso and chilli sauce and I recommend generously using them to give the dish flavour and help it from drying out and sticking.

The many ingredients help create a filling meal full of varying textures with the added sauces bringing sweet and sour to the party. I also had a pot of green tea.

Green tea – Bibimbap Soho

It’s probably due to the size of the cup, but you do get a surprising amount of tea from the teapot, making it great value for a £1. I must have got about five full cups before it ran empty. The tea isn’t very strong, but it is a good palette cleanser if you get a little to liberal with the miso and chilli sauce like I did…

I didn’t just enjoy the food. I couldn’t stop tapping my foot to the funky K-pop music playing in the background too. I also left Bibimbap with Mmmbop by Hanson stuck in my head. Thanks.

Bibimbap also offer takeaways.

Bibimbap Soho is located on Greek Street nearest Tottenham Court Road underground station.

Rating – 4


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