Big Fernand Review, Fitzrovia | French Burgers?

We all knew the French did chips well. But French Burgers?

Big Fernand is out to change that perception. Their gourmet burgers have that famous French je ne sais quoi of course, making them no ordinary cheese burger and chips.

You’ll find a few fancy French sounding cheeses like tomme de savoie, forume d’ambert and raclette on the Big Fernand menu. There’s also a good selection of burger meats too; beef, chicken, lamb, veal and a veggie burger, all cooked to your preference.

I ordered a medium rare Le Victor (veal) burger (£9). The veal was very soft and didn’t have that rough, grainy texture a regular beef burger has. The melted forume d’ambert cheese also added uniqueness to the burger too.

The French chips (£3) were liberally sprinkled with the most delicious home-made seasoning. Sort of like a cajun taste. Seriously, these are up there with the best chips in London alongside Honest Burger (review).

I returned recently to the Big Fernand and ordered the Le Bartholome burger (£9). The beef is a dry aged blend with smoky bacon, raclette cheese, caramelised onions, chives, barbecue sauce and home-made cocktail sauce. Again, the combination of ingredients complimented each other perfectly. I’m also a big fan of the sesame burger buns.

You can also choose your own burger a-la-Subway too.

Big Fernand offer three desserts; apple and cinnamon tart, chocolate and salted caramel tart and financier pistachio. I had the financier pistachio (£4) which is a circular dense sponge cake with pistachio flavouring. Again, the range of patisserie desserts make Big Fernand unlike most burger joints.

I can also recommend their fruit fizzy drinks, L’elixir. The pomegranate, lemon and peppermint is particularly punchy.

The staff are super friendly and talk to each other in their native tongue which makes you feel like you’re in France.

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