Black & Blue Restaurant Review, Waterloo | Foie Gras Burger

The Black and Blue Restaurant, Archduke is a nice place to eat close to Waterloo Station, just don’t order the foie gras.

The follow up to the stupendous Greedy Burger from Burger Bear was always going to be difficult to follow.

I knew this as I sat down to look at the Black And Blue Restaurant menu. But to be fair, Black And Blue do have some original and quality toppings for their prime Scottish beef burger (a recipe they’ve been using for 25 years) – stilton, chorizo, guacamole and chipotle sauce.

I’ve never had foie gras before, neither did I know what was in it. Although it was the same situation when I tried falafel at Pilpel (review) and that went well.

Black and Blue offer the Classic burger (tomato and lettuce) for £12 which includes fries – the foie gras was £4 extra.

The burger was fine I guess. But doesn’t compare to the best burgers in London (guide). The meat didn’t blow me away like Brgr.Co’s angus patty for example. The foie gras added so much sweetness, like a slab of butter placed on top of the burger. It was almost sickly how sweet it was.

The red onions were pretty raw, to the point I couldn’t cut them with my knife and left that horrible onion taste in my mouth, even though I left more than half of them on the plate.

£16 for a burger and chips seems expensive, even if it does have foie gras.

Just like a game show, lets see what burgers you could have won in London! There’s the best burger and chips combo at Honest Burger (review). Or the best burger and milkshake combo at Hache (review). And the best value burger(s) in London at ATE Street Food (review).

Oh, and now I do know what foie gras is and how it’s made. And I won’t be eating it again. I felt a little sick after reading up on foie gras.


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