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Burger Heaven | B-Rex Burger Review, Byron Hamburger

‘Woah woah woah, an onion ring in a burger – is that legal?’ I said to myself.

Well, my eye test had been due for sometime. But on closer inspection, yes, the description featured an onion ring amongst other ingredients including crispy smoked bacon, american cheese, jalapeños, pickles, regular onions, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise – not to mention the Pièce de résistance, a 6oz hamburger. I felt full just reading the mouth-watering description.

B-Rex Burger - Byron Hamburger

B-Rex Burger – Byron Hamburger

Needless to say I floated into Byron Hamburger and took a seat with tongue out, drooling, flexing my jaw in preparation for this gigantic meal named the B-Rex burger (Byronosaurus burger). I knew it was going to be big with that many ingredients listed, but anticipation did little to prevent the shocked look on my face as the shadow of the burger loomed large. I swear my coke started shaking as the waitress (carefully) placed the tower on my table. Oh, now I see why they named it after a dinosaur.

I would have taken a photo with the burger next to my face to show you the scale size of the thing (I think the official name for this measurement is the Adam Richman scale?) but I didn’t want to look weird. I can roughly estimate it was about 4 inches tall, meaning I would have to dislocate my jaw like a snake to fit this in my mouth – my trusty fork and knife it is then.

B-Rex Burger - Byron Hamburger

B-Rex Burger – Byron Hamburger

I’ve had mayonnaise before. I’ve had BBQ sauce before. Never had I ever considered putting the two together in the same meal. First an onion ring in a burger and now two of my favourite sauces joining forces, my head was spinning. That lovely eggy taste from the mayonnaise was complimented with the sweetness from the BBQ sauce. Sweet turned to heat when jalapeños joined in the dance. Extra crunch was provided by the onions, onion ring batter and crispy bacon. Then came the burger. The wonderful juices washing over the whole thing until the sticky chewiness of the american cheese enveloped it. Not to feel left out, the pickle added a sharp zing to the party. Burger heaven.

£10.25 well spent. I’m not sure I’ll taste a better burger ever again.

If you want to try the B-Rex burger for yourself, this limited edition heavenly burger ends 28th April!

Have you tried the B-Rex burger? What did you think? Tell me in the comments section below!

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