Burger & Lobster Review, St Paul’s | Dude, Where’s My Lobster Burger?

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought the burgers served at Burger and Lobster would have, you know, both burger and lobster? Now that would be a burger combination.

Quickly becoming a pet peeve when it comes to gourmet burgers in London (guide) is the size. I love receiving more than I paid for, but when it becomes too big to fit in my mouth and you have to eat with knife and fork, it ruins the burger experience!

Burger and Lobster is a classier restaurant than your average burger joint so attempting with my mouth was out of the question.

Burger Lobster Review Bread Street

Classy presentation.

It was a nicely cooked, thick 10oz patty with bacon and I’m a big fan of sesame buns. The fries were fine too.

I thought it was an odd choice to serve a cup of salad though. It doesn’t really go with the burger or chips. You know the saying, two’s company, three’s a crowd. Why spoil a perfect and classic duo?

Burger Lobster Review London

The burger is almost the same size as the chips serving cup. Go home salad.

The salad is like Yoko to McCartney and Lennon (I’ll let you decide which is the burger and which is the lobster). Or like an unwelcome third wheel which cock blocks you.

Hawaiian Cooler Burger Lobster Review

All that’s missing is a tiny umbrella.

I also ordered the Hawaiian Cooler which was like a sweet punchy pineapple cordial. This I can definitely recommend. It makes me feel like I should be sitting on a beach somewhere, working on my tan.

Don’t get me wrong. Burger and Lobster has nice food, smart decor and friendly staff, but if you’re looking for a great burger, there are better ones out there in London, for less money too.

Burger and Lobster is expensive for what you get. I’d take Hache’s burgers (review) or Honest Burger (review) any day of thy week instead, both which cost less.

And on a side note, I know they only have three items on the menu in a bid to keep it easy, but I still find it strange they don’t provide menus on the table. It would save the waiting staff explaining what the options and I still want to know what’s in my burger!

Interestingly enough, all mains (burger, lobster roll and whole lobster) cost £20, all including chips and salad. I should have ordered the lobster.

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