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Best BuzzFeed Unsolved Quotes & Funniest Episodes (Videos)

An ode to the joint best ghost hunting show in history. The other being Watcher’s Ghost Files of course!

I’ve been binge-watching (behind the safety of my duvet) BuzzFeed Unsolved since my girlfriend told me about it.

It’s reignited my interest (and fear) of ghosts and the supernatural world.

I used to watch the TV show Most Haunted when I was younger and it caused many sleepless nights. I can’t remember the last horror film I watched.

But BuzzFeed Unsolved is different to all the other ghost hunter shows out there.

Here are the reasons why BuzzFeed Unsolved is so popular.

Who hosts BuzzFeed Unsolved?

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are the BuzzFeed Unsolved hosts. Ryan believes in ghosts after a trip to the ‘haunted’ Queen Mary ship as a 17 year old.

While he was in the bathroom, a tube of toothpaste appears to be lifted and dropped of it’s own volition… Watch the video below, what do you think?

If I were on the BuzzFeed Unsolved hunts, my reactions would be very similar to Ryan’s, jumping at every little creak and ruffle. I’m a Boogara (nickname for fans of Ryan).

Here are just some of the times Ryan got scared.

Shane, on the other hand, is a sceptic. So much so, he’s laid on a pentagram and called for demons to rip out his heart… (my girlfriend is a Shaniac (nickname for fans of Shane)).

Together, the dynamic duo visit the most haunted places around the world.

Their comedic approach makes this ghost hunting show unique. It’s also really fun to see the differing reactions.

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Does Shane get scared, ever?

Shane hardly ever gets scared. And it’s annoying how cool and composed he is when a door is opening (ever so slightly) behind him or when a flashlight switches on when he asks/heckles a spirit to do it (the flashlight was right at his face when it happened and he just grinned!).

Watch Shane heckle demons/ghosts/everything supernatural for 11 minutes in this video compilation.

Shane even went to a haunted farm with Ryan in Spooky Talks and didn’t flinch…

Except this one time he did get scared…

What’s the scariest BuzzFeed Unsolved? What’s the best BuzzFeed Unsolved episode?

This is up for debate and I’d be interested in hearing what you think is the scariest episode of BuzzFeed Unsolved is.

I think for a combination of backstory and scary goings on that happen in the episode, it’s the Sallie House episode, which you can watch below.

I actually recommend watching the whole episode of 3 Horrifying Cases of Ghosts and Demons as it also contains Doll Island and the Sarah Winchester House (which is also one of my favourite ghost stories the boys cover).

Other episodes I recommend are the Haunting of Hannah Williams.

The funniest episode is probably the Demonic Boatman’s Bridge…

Is BuzzFeed Unsolved legit?

I think BuzzFeed Unsolved’s approach to ghost hunting is one of the things that separates it from other supernatural documentaries.

There are often episodes where nothing supernatural happens, so they don’t make something up. Shane also is the voice of reason and keeps noises and shadows grounded in reality.

My favourite ghost hunter piece of equipment they use is the spirit box.

What’s the spirit box?

It’s a gadget that scans radio frequencies really quickly. Ryan and Shane will ask the spirits questions and sometimes they get a response (some are clearer than others).

You can read about the statistics of the spirit box (which makes my head spin) and watch a compilation of some spirit box recordings below.

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What are the iconic BuzzFeed Unsolved quotes? Is there a BuzzFeed Unsolved drinking game?

There are many! Here is one of my favourite BuzzFeed Unsolved drinking games.

My favourite BuzzFeed Unsolved quotes are:

  • That being said…
  • Remains… Unsolved
  • (Wheeze)
  • Rock n’ roll buckaroo!
  • Hey there demons, it’s ya boi
  • I’ve connected the two dots. You didn’t connect shit. I’ve connected them
  • Where’s my holy water?
  • I just want someone to take me out. Like on a date or with a sniper gun. Surprise me.
  • It’s a g-g-ghost butt!
  • I did meet some of the most insufferable people. But, they also met me.
  • Jesus said chill
  • Choo choo pickle pie
  • Holy shit… It’s a jacuzzi tub!
  • Why the pigtails? It’s a little cliché isn’t it?
  • No one can the top of your head except God
  • Fuck Christopher Columbus
  • Apple tater
  • Spaghetti
  • We don’t got all night dork!
  • Why the pigtails, it’s a little cliche
  • If there are any demons in here, feel free to sliver into my heart
  • Holy shit. It’s a jacuzzi tub
  • No one can see the top of your head except God

And here are some of the best moments from BuzzFeed Unsolved

And the blooper reels are just ridiculously funny.

What happened to Brent?

Before Shane joined Buzzfeed Unsolved, Brent joined Ryan in the first true crime series. It was all too much for Brent who didn’t want to hear any more gruesome murder stories (and who can blame him).

Or is that what Ryan wants you to believe? Is this just another case that *coughs and says in Ryan narrator voice* remains, unsolved?

When does BuzzFeed Unsolved upload new episodes?

New BuzzFeed Unsolved episodes are uploaded to Youtube every Friday, while Q&A episodes are released every Wednesday.

The Q&A episodes answer questions from fans on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. If you don’t have any fellow Shaniacs or Boogaras to discuss the latest episodes with, you need to watch this. I love the fan theories and others pointing out strange shadows and noises I didn’t notice upon first time viewing.

Which BuzzFeed Unsolved character are you?

Take the quiz and find out if you’re a Boogara or Shaniac! No surprise, I’m a Boogara.

Shaniac Starter Kit

As Ryan suggests in the Colchester Castle episode, the Shaniac Starter Kit includes:

  • being fond of wind
  • love squeaky shoes
  • mouldy bread

What do you think about the voice box? What are your favourite episodes, moments and quotes? Tell me in the comments section below!


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