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Dining in a Private Wooden Train Cabin in London?

As food trucks/trailers go, Caboose have one of the most eye catching I’ve come across.

Caboose cabin

Caboose cabin

Transporting you to the Southern rural plains of America (a caboose is a manned North American rail transport vehicle), their custom built railway cabin is far from a gimmick. The cabin is available for private hire to give you a cosy and unique dining experience.

Cosy Caboose cabin!

Cosy Caboose cabin!

Purveyors of slow smoked goodness, you’ll find a mouthwatering menu featuring their wonderfully train-titled burgers – The Fat Controller, The 3:10 to Yuma and The Derailer.

Caboose menu

Caboose delicious menu

The Fat Controller offers 10 hour slow cooked pulled pork while the 3:10 to Yuma has the 12 hour slow cooked flat rib – how do you choose? For those of you, like me, who have trouble picking one option over another when it comes to food, Caboose have you covered. The Derailer burger offers both delicious meats in one brioche bun – I of course chose this option.

I watched as my burger was prepared under three hanging lamps as if it were a scientific lab experiment – delicate precision will only do here. The scientist chef then melts the smoked cheddar cheese with a Bunsen burner blowtorch.

The combination of stringy pulled pork and denser flat rib made it quite a meaty mouthful! Good job both were soft or you’d have a sore jaw from the constant chewing! The pickle gives it an instant lift of sweetness as it battles against the smoked meat. But it’s the hot sauce which makes the Derailer unique from every other slow cooked meat burger you’re likely to have in London. The hot sauce soaks into the bun, giving you a tingly sensation on the roof of your mouth.

You’ll also find meat boxes (but does mean you’ll miss out on their soft baked brioche buns, although how can you say no to sugared pecans?) and more Southern goodness with sides including homemade BBQ beans and dirty rice.

Catch Caboose at Ely’s Yard, The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch!

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