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Caravan Awning Guide: Kinds, Sizing, Design, Fabrics, and Maintenance

Having a caravan awning is easily the best way to elevate your road trip experience. It will give you more space and room to be more comfortable and at ease during your road trips. It will also make your road trips more enjoyable as you’d get to do more fun activities. If you’re looking for one, then allow this post to fully guide you with everything you need to know about awnings. After finishing this article, you’d know enough about awnings and find it easy to look for one that will suit you and your personal caravan needs. This article will discuss the following:

a. What caravan awnings are

b. The different kinds of caravan awnings

c. Caravan awning sizing 

d. Caravan awning designs

e. Caravan awning fabrics

f. Caravan awning maintenance

Caravan Awnings 101

A caravan awning is an accessory that allows you to extend your caravan space and comfortably enjoy outdoor spaces. They provide the following additional functions:

a. additional storage space

b. additional covering

c. shade from the sun

d. additional protection and safety protocol for your equipment and personal things

e. privacy

f. additional sleeping space

3 Kinds of Caravan Awnings 

The following are the three different kinds of caravan awnings:

1. Box Awnings

Compatible with almost all kinds of caravans, box awnings come with mounting brackets. Such mounting brackets make it easy for box awnings to be attached to all kinds of caravans, even to ones with curved profiles. A box awning will be perfect for you if your caravan has a curved profile. 

2. Rollout Awnings

Rollout awnings are attached through your caravan’s roof. Installing this kind of awning can be tricky because you need to ensure that its railing is securely attached to the top of your caravan. Rollout awnings are ideal for pop-tops and flat-sided caravans. It’s tricky to have them installed on campervans. If you’re looking for great value caravan awnings, you should check out RV Parts Express.

3. Inflatable Awnings

This kind of awning is the easiest to install. They are lightweight and come with no poles. 

Awning Sizing

Accurate measurement is necessary to ensure that you pick the best awning that fits your caravan perfectly. For accurate measurement, closely observed the following tips from caravan experts:

Tip #1: Know the height of your caravan. The measurement should be from the top of your caravan to the ground. 

Tip #2: Refer to your caravan’s owner manual if you still have access to it. Modern caravans now have owner manuals that are easily accessible online. 

Tip #3: Using a tape measure will provide the most accurate result.

Tip #4: You can go for porch awnings if you need to buy an awning right away and you don’t have the needed measurement. It will be the safest best choice.

Tip #5: Store the exact measurement of your caravan on your phone or online drive to ensure easy access for future needs. 

Caravan Awning Design

There are primarily two kinds of caravan awning designs and they are as follows:

1. Full Awning

A full awning will provide bigger extra space. It can be used for multiple purposes. You need to take note though that you need more than one set of hands when installing it. Installing can also be complex and meticulous. A full awning is best if you want extra space for sleeping or recreation activities. 

2. Porch Awning

A porch awning does not provide as much space as a full awning. They are very easy to install and dismantle.  They can be easily connected to an awning rail’s top horizontal side. They are very easy to transfer from one side to another and even one caravan to another. 


Awnings can greatly differ when it comes to fabrics used. The following are the four kinds of fabrics used for caravan awnings: 

1. Mesh

This fabric is also known as a screen cloth. It is transparent and allows for air to easily seep through. It will allow you to easily see your surrounding scenery. They’re not best if you need an awning that can withstand nasty weather.

2. Canvas

Awnings made of canvas are perfect if you need extensive heat protection. They work well with caravaners that go on adventures during times when adverse weather is expected. 

3. Lightweight Polyester

This fabric dries the quickest. They are very light and easy to handle. 

4. Vinyl

Awnings with vinyl fabrics are the lightest. They come in many colors and designs. They are preferred by caravaners who are particular with aesthetics.

Caravan Awning Maintenance

The lifespan of your caravan awning will depend on how your care for it. Caring for it will require faithful maintenance. To lengthen the lifespan of your caravan awning, consider the following tips:

Tip #1: Have a regular cleaning schedule.

Tip #2: Never clean your awning when it is wet.

Tip #3: Always use a brush or soft cloth to remove debris and dust on your awning.

Tip #4: Use lukewarm water when you need to remove mud or stubborn particles. 

Tip #5: Always leave your caravan awning to dry when you clean it with lukewarm water.

Tip #6: Store your awning in a dry area. Avoid spaces that easily get moist.

Tip #7: Store your awning indoors during winter.

Tip #8: Reproof as often as necessary. Reproofing will keep your awning durable and water-resistant. Only use ones that are approved by the manufacturer of your awning.