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Carolin – Happy When Abroad

We’re excited to have Carolin from Happy When Abroad answer our Five Travel Questions! Find out why she loves South Africa and her incredible experience with whale sharks whilst travelling!

Why do you love travel? 

I love to travel because it is the best form of learning. As you explore new countries, new cultures, and new ways of living, you learn more things about life as schools could ever teach you. 

I love to travel because it gives you chances. We have the freedom to go everywhere we want to, which means that travel gives you chances to start over somewhere new, to meet people who change your perspectives, to see places that take your breath away, to visit the greatest wonders of our planet.

It gives you the chance to be who you want to be. I love to travel because of the memories. I want to have stories to tell, photos to show, and when I am old, I want to look back at my life and say that I enjoyed it as much as I could. 

And finally, I love to travel because I love the person I become while traveling. Travel changes you. It turns you into a more open-minded, more curious, more emphatic, more vivid person. I truly believe travel makes you a better person.   

What destination is top of your bucket list?

This is a tough question as I would love to see every part of the world! But if I had to choose, I would say Peru. South America is a continent that impresses and interests me a lot and I cannot wait to explore it.

I have heard so many beautiful things about Peru and its culture and want to see it with my own eyes. Especially Machu Picchu and Huacachina, the little desert oasis, are screaming for my attention!  

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to?

I have lost my heart in so many different places, but one of my absolute favorite places is South Africa. The country’s natural diversity has truly impressed me. From high mountains, spectacular wildlife, friendly people, colorful cities to endless beaches, South Africa has it all! My time in the region around Cape Town has been one of the best times of my life and I can recommend visiting this area to everyone!  

What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling? 

My best travel experience so far was swimming with whale sharks in the Caribbean Sea. During a trip to Mexico, I have taken the chance to meet the gentle giants in their natural habitat. Snorkeling side by side with the whale sharks in the open sea was frightening and amazing at the same time! I am absolutely grateful for this experience which I will never forget! 

What is your favourite photo from your travels?

This photo was taken in Petra, Jordan. I love it not only because of the friendly smiling camel but also because it reminds me of this amazing Jordan trip which I have taken only a few days before the corona crisis has happened. Hopefully, travel will return to normal very soon!  

Follow Carolin’s journey on her blog, Happy When Abroad or on Instagram!

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