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Checklist for a Safe and Enjoyable Road Trip

A road trip may be something you are looking forward to, but it is important that you are well-prepared for the long journey. You can use a checklist to make sure all your efforts and arrangements go smoothly.

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The stages of planning a road trip may differ depending on some factors, such as the total distance to travel and the number of people who will be joining. However, there are common essentials that you should take to be truly ready for the trip

Before you go ahead and start the preparation, it is necessary to ensure the travel vehicle is covered by up-to-date auto insurance. If you will be traveling out of the state, it is a smart move to pay for additional coverage. Short-term coverage is a common choice at this point, but such coverage is just applicable to the only person on the policy. Another option to consider is finding cheap online car insurance rates which cover the car being used for the trip.

Therefore, if you will be switching driving duties with another family member or a friend, it is best to include them. Even though you may trust everyone’s safe driving capabilities, you never know when an accident can happen. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when you are on the road.

With that in mind, here are the other things you need to do to make certain your trip is pleasant and stress-free:

Plan the trip. Planning for your trip includes having a set financial budget and timeframe for the whole journey. You should also have a map of the route you will take and stops you will make, along with some essentials such as first aid kit in case something happens.

Bring a map. While we are in the so-called digital age, it is still wise to bring a hard copy of the map with you. You can have your smartphones and GPS but a real map will not lose its power or be destroyed easily by water.

Prep your car. Before you leave, have your vehicle checked to ensure it is in good mechanical shape. It should also be prepared in times of emergencies. Double check significant items, including the tire pressure and tread, wiper fluid, and fluid levels like oil, coolant, and power steering fluid. Make sure your lights (brake, tail, and headlights and blinkers) are all working.

Pack intelligently. Packing will vary depending on the trip and who you are packing for. Whether you are packing for yourself or your kids, you want to be sure that you will not forget anything. To be on the safe side, think about you vacationing and create a list of the items you will want to bring. You may want to bring some snacks and drinks, such as:

  • Crackers
  • Nutbars
  • Kettle corn
  • Iced coffee
  • Bottled water
  • Energy drinks

Bring some useful items. These items include masking tape, jumper cables, and even a power inverter where you can plug your accessory port. An electric blanket and a battery booster may be useful as well as rolls of paper towels and plastic bags.

Have loose plans. You can plan everything but some things can go differently. It is helpful to go on the road with an open mind and you should be equipped to go with the flow. You can be greeted by road construction, messy accidents, and other situations that can slow your trip. Do not stress yourself and remember such incidents can be a good story to tell.

When you are driving, it is nice to know that you have accomplished the process of planning a road trip. It increases your enjoyment because you get the reassurance that you will be ready for most contingencies.


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