Cheeky Chicos Review, Blackfriars: Best Value Mexican Bar & Restaurant in London?

Cheeky Chicos is a fun Mexican bar and restaurant with seriously tasty food that’s value for money.

Ever thought you paid less than you were supposed to for a meal, go back and query your bill?

Only a fool would do that Tim!

Well call me a fool, because that’s exactly what I did. The look of confusion on their faces. Too honest for my own good is what people say about me. Case and point.

Two tacos, potato wedges and a drink for £12? Am I in a Specsavers ad?

Cheeky Chico haven’t held back on the quality or quantity of ingredients either.

I ordered the grilled steak taco (£10). Thick pieces of steak (and lots of it) complemented by chunks of soured cheese, queso fresco, jalapeño garlic mash and bacon onion jam all encased in a soft, floury tortilla. You know that sad feeling you get when you finish eating something delicious because it’s gone? I had that sinking feeling, then remembered I had another taco.

And yes it was as messy as it looked. £10 is pretty, pretty good (is what Larry David would say if he ate at Cheeky Chicos) considering the amount of steak and other ingredients each taco contains.

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And for that price you also get a small plate of potato wedges covered in cajun seasoning. The accompanying chipotle sauce just about competed with the liberal seasoning (not a complaint, I love cajun seasoning).

Hooray! There’s a non alcoholic Mexican drink (Cheeky Chicos offer tequilas and margaritas of course)! Horchata (£2) is a rice based drink of which I tried the Strawberry flavour. Sweet and delicious, it was like a nice version of Nesquik I used to often drink as a kid.

As you can see, the atmosphere and decor of Cheeky Chicos is fun and funky. Bright and colourful with reds, blues and yellows and Mexican items aplenty. There was even some mariachi and what sounded like Mexican pop music playing in the background.

The Cheeky Chicos menu offers all the usual suspects like enchiladas, burritos, tostado, churros, quesadilla… As much as I like Wahaca (review), I would choose Cheeky Chicos any day of the week. I’ll be back to review their burrito for sure and compare it to one of my favourites in London, Poncho 8 (review).

Cheeky Chicos is only a couple of minutes walk from Blackfriars station (north side).

Cheeky Chicos Mexican Bar Restaurant
Fleet House, 8-12 New Bridge St, London EC4V 6AL

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