Chocolate Churros & Fried Chicken With Rennie & SORTEDfood

Good food can be fast as shown in this Rennie and Sortedfood event.

I have a confession to make. I don’t/want to/can’t really cook. What kind of foodie are you Tim?!

I steam everything out of convenience, plus it’s healthy. It’s probably why I review food in London so much and enjoy having good food even more!

I was lucky enough to attend the #RennieHappyEating live cooking event hosted by Rennie with SORTEDfood. Yup, those fellas taking Youtube by storm with recipes like how to make cronuts and the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich.

I had the opportunity to watch a couple live demos and I have to say, cooking doesn’t look that hard. Okay, Ben from SORTEDfood is a professional chef, but the demos showed me cooking doesn’t have to be an effort. Both demos couldn’t have taken more than 10 minutes each (add 5 minutes for preparation of course). I may even give this cooking malarkey a go!

Ben looks like he’s going to magic some food up!

The speedy demos were associated with the fast action of Rennie on symptoms like heartburn, indigestion and trapped wind. Especially effective if you’re a foodie blogger and inhale your food like I do. No one said finding the best burger in London was going to be easy! These symptoms can also be caused by what you eat and how busy and stressful your lifestyle is – think we can all relate to that.

Fried Chicken and Pandan Pancakes (recipe)

I love fried chicken. KFC is a guilty pleasure of mine. But the SORTEDfood guys cooked a recipe even Colonel Sanders would be jealous of – one that isn’t swimming in grease. Finally, fried chicken doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. The seasoning is pretty simple too, just garlic powder, onion powder, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper and Chinese 5 spice.

Pandan is a leaf found in Southeast Asia and pandan pancakes are popular in Malaysia. It may look like something best reserved for St Patrick’s Day (you get green beer in America you know) but don’t let the colour fool you, these are tastier than your regular pancakes.

Churros with Chocolate Coffee Sauce (recipe)

I’ve never had churros before. How I’ve managed to avoid churros for this long I’ll never know. I see the food stalls in London all the time, but the queue is always huge. They must be good then?! My sweet tooth can confirm this to be a fact.

The churros was doughnut like in texture, lightly covered in caster sugar. Not a bad way to have your first churros, made by SORTEDfood huh? The chocolate sauce was saved by Ben with some quick thinking and even quicker hands.

The chocolate had formed into a clump in the saucepan. But it was miraculously brought back to life by adding double cream in stages and some very, very quick whisking – top tip in case you find yourself in this situation! The instant coffee gives the chocolate a much richer taste which I loved.

Rennie Mystery Box Challenge

The night ended with the Rennie Mystery Box Challenge which involves the Sortedfood guys making a dish from a mystery ingredient – except the tables were turned on the bloggers! 10 lucky (read as 9 plus me, I can’t cook remember?!) bloggers were selected to take part in their own Mystery Box Challenge.

Behind one of those doors lies my fate (DRAMATIC MUSIC)

And my mystery ingredient is (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!)… Adzuki beans!

Nope, me neither. I had to ask and do a bit of research but apparently they’re used in Asian cooking. Great! I’ll phone my mum! She’ll know what to do with adzuki beans! The conversation went something roughly like this:


Mum: Why (hello in Chinese), Chow Chun Ting (my chinese name).

Me: Mammy (mum in Chinese), what can I make with red beans, you know, the ones you make tong (Chinese soup) with?

Mum: That’s it.

Me: That’s it?

Mum: That’s it.

Thanks for the inspiration mum.

So if you know what I can do with the adzuki beans, please let me know in the comments section below!

Still not sure what to make with adzuki beans for the Rennie Mystery Box Challenge – answers on a postcard please!

It was a fantastic night sampling canopies and welcome drinks provided by Chrystabel and seeing old Rennie advertisements and packaging (apparently they’ve been providing remedies for over 70 years).

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