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Clever Ways To Give A Luxury Feel To A Budget Holiday

Having a fantastic holiday need not cost a small fortune. All you need is a sense of adventure and be prepared to think outside the box a little. If circumstances dictate a budget holiday is your only chance of getting away this year, don’t despair because there are plenty of clever ways to bring the luxury.

a luxury view with sunloungers fronting buildings near mountain

Location, Location

Sometimes it’s not the accommodation that makes a holiday luxurious, but the location. Choosing the right spot and sleeping under the stars feels perfect. Take your camping equipment and head to a stunning site where the scenery does all the heavy lifting. Going to bed and waking up again surrounded by natural beauty lifts the soul and creates beautiful memories that push all thoughts of 5-star hotels from your thoughts.


Upgrade a simple camping trip into a glamping vacation that takes you from bare basics to cozy comfort. A small portable generator lets you bring some creature comforts such as a small fridge and string lights. Forget the budget beans on toast for dinner, stock the fridge with delicious treats, hang the lights for ambiance, and get comfy on inflatable camping furniture. Lay rugs underfoot and have snuggly blankets on the bed with your sleeping bag to ramp up the cozy luxury feeling.

Last Minute Bookings

Enjoy staying at a high-end hotel at budget holiday prices. Hotels don’t like having empty rooms, and it’s more profitable for them to offer rooms at a discount. Last-minute booking sites are an excellent way to nab a cut-price mini break at a nice hotel. Alternatively, check hotel prices on Wednesday as a slow midweek often translates to cheaper weekend rates. This option is excellent if you can be spontaneous as it allows you to book an exceptional hotel at short notice.

Midweek Breaks

If you have wiggle room in your schedule and can swing it, look at heading away midweek. Midweek is typically a quiet time for hotels meaning they’re more likely to offer discounted rates midweek to attract customers. The good thing about this is unlike last-minute booking discounts, these rates are offered in advance, allowing you to book in advance and still benefit. It can also be an excellent way to avoid noisy hotel guests, as the weekday crowd tends to be a quieter demographic. 

Rewards Points

Various reward point schemes allow you to redeem points towards hotels, flights, or attractions. Taking out a credit card and paying for your groceries (and paying it off monthly) will earn points towards flights. Then in-store club cards might take care of a day at a theme park or buy new luggage. If you have a particular holiday in mind, check out the various schemes and identify which would best help make that dream vacation come true.

Not everyone can afford to stay at 5-star hotels regularly, but with clever planning and a willingness to try something new, there are plenty of ways to have a budget holiday with a touch of luxury.