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Co-living Around The World

Perfect for travelers who work remotely.

Coliving is a trend that has been emerging lately in recent years. As the tools we use to make our lives better have evolved, so has our way of living and interacting with each other. 

It’s interesting how co-living has become more like an inspiring culture right now around the world, where people with common interests have come together to share a space where they don’t only live, but work together. 

Coliving spaces are becoming very popular in cities around the world.

Choosing to live with others in one state while working for another state doesn’t only mean “remote work”.

It means living on your own terms.

We are living in a day and age where working in-office is already old fashioned while living alone is flat-out expensive and boring. 

Life and work now are interchangeable within one another. 

This means that you have the chance to be with people at a place where you share rent, but also common interests that take all of you further in your careers.

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Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

What Is Coliving?

Coliving, as you might have already guessed, is a communal way of living where people with common values and interests join to share a living space together. 

These people can be writers, video editors, musicians, economists, or whatever skills match with each other to share an interest.

You can read this great article from on what is coliving.

Now, dive right into some coliving spaces around the world and see what they have to offer.

Co-living Spaces Around The World

A co-living space can be very flexible in so many beautiful ways. And what’s great about them is that you can only stay there for a few weeks and then change city. 

However, if you happen to find a coliving space where you do fit right in and feel like you’re “home” you can start to choose that as a long term solution.

Now, here are some co-living spaces around the world that we think you will love:

Nomad House

Nomad House is a great company that has coliving spaces all over the world, from the U.S to Spain, Morocco, Colombia, Italy, Thailand and Cambodia. They offer weekly or monthly payments and their spaces are optimized for a professional coworking community.


Playing on the word, outside, Outsite has created some great co-living spaces in San Diego, Santa Cruz and Lake Tahoe. These spaces are all comfortable and they offer convenient and affordable ways to live and work in California at the cost of $60 / day.


If you’re looking for something more European, Roam is the “new kid on the block” of coliving. They are really supportive towards remote workers who are looking for accommodations that will help further focus on their career. Some of the best coliving spaces offered by Roam exist in Madrid, London, Buenos Aires, and all the way down to Bali. 

Startup Basecamp

If you are a bit of a frequent traveler, then Startup Basecamp is for you. Their co-living and co-working spaces are based from Brussels to Shanghai and from San Francisco to Montreal. They have built spaces which offer a high-energy to work and live and get inspired to do something with life.

Surf Office

Why don’t we just book a ticket and head for Portugal? Besides the beautiful beaches and the nice weather, Surf Office offers us the most typical co-working spaces. They offer stunning accommodations in Lisbon and Gran Canaria and the best thing of all, the internet is crazy fast. 

The Collective

Feeling British? London has a new co-living space, offered by The Collective, which brings together professional people who want to collaborate and live in a bustling city without worrying about their lease. You will find them at their location near Zone 2,Willesden Junction.

Hus 24

If you are obsessed with Nordic culture and would like to spend some time there while working, Stockholm can become your new home where you can live and work from the spaces offered by Hus 24. This co-living space is specifically built for entrepreneurs, designers, and developers.


Okay, maybe cold weather isn’t your cup of tea and you’re looking for something more exotic. How about moving to Melbourne, Australia the co-living space that Base has to give is stunning. You get both short-term and longer-term options you can try to easily integrate yourself into the community.


Let’s back away a little bit in Central Europe and land in Germany’s countryside where Coconat, offers a co-living space not too far from Berlin. Now that I’m thinking about it Coconat should’ve been in Australia whereas Base should’ve been in Germany because their names don’t suit with the countries. 

Anyway, Coconat offers facilities that are amazing for people that like outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, fishing and camping. Here it can be only you and nature.


Okay, let’s explore deeper into Eastern Europe where Montenegro and the beautiful Adriatic sea come together with Playworking. This is a coliving space that mixes together a productive and creative schedule with outdoor activities.

Hub Fuerteventura

Hub Fuerteventura is located at Canary Island and is a very good and cheap option for those that love sunny weather while building on their careers. This is like a real work hard and play hard environment with projects being completed by day and surfboarding by afternoon. All of it for €28 / night.

Sun and Co

Let’s close this list with a trip to Spain where a very popular coliving destination is Sun and Co. They are the very first coliving space in the Mediterranean area. Here you will for sure get the classic joy of living at a 19th century home in Jávea where you can calmly work and live for only €22 / night.

Final Thoughts

Coliving is a great option for people who are a bit social, have online skills to provide for themselves and have a traveler’s spirit.

You can find beautiful spaces that offer you weekly living at perfect conditions and you can get the chance to meet some very beautiful people along the way with whom you can become great friends.

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