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What College is Like Living in Atlanta

Atlanta is home to several major universities including Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University. While many students travel to Atlanta for school, there are also many commuter students. Plus, many students decide to move off campus and move into apartments or rental homes during their final years in school. No matter if you choose to live on or off campus, the Atlanta college experience is unique.

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Commuters are the Norm

Georgia State University is located right in the middle of downtown Atlanta making it convenient for students living in Atlanta and outside the perimeter of the city. With a student body over 25,000, most of the students live around the Atlanta area rather than in the dorms. Commuting students are the norm here. In fact, many students commute from home to class. Commuting to school and to work in heavy traffic is to be expected.

Moving In & Moving Out

College students do not stay in one place for long in Atlanta. Since most leases are a year or less, students should expect to move in and out during their college years. It is common for students to live on campus the first year, and then move from one apartment to the next until they graduate or settle in Atlanta. For those living in Atlanta, using a moving company can make the expected relocations less stressful.

Endless Fun

But, the major factor of attending college while living in Atlanta is the fun factor. Atlanta is an amazing city for college students because of all the opportunities for entertainment. In addition to a brilliant nightlife scene, college students living in Atlanta get to experience sporting events, live concerts, theme parks, museums, and more. Known as a major tourist hub, Atlanta is fun place to visit. But, it is an even better place to live!

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