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5 Best Road Trips in Australia

Having a road trip is perhaps the best way to explore the expansive land of Australia. Even in the wilderness, you will find friendly towns, gas stations, and lots of restaurants and roadhouses to visit, as well as some of the world’s most heart-stopping scenery.

Well, if you’re planning to go on a road trip with the impressive “Land down under,” this article will show you the five best road trip routes Australia has to offer.


Ride from Cairns to Brisbane

The drive between Cairns and Brisbane is one of the most famous routes for road trips in Australia. The winding road stays near to the coast and crosses some of the country’s most dramatic highlights; the Whitsundays, the Great Barrier Reef Islands as well as the Fraser Island.

Further, an excellent introduction to Australia, Queensland is the center of adventure in Oz with rafting, skydiving, and bungee jumping being just a few of the experiences you can choose.

Moreover, the beautiful shore of Queensland is enough reason to drive the whole coastal road from Cairns to Brisbane. The road is full of sections that are close to the coast which you will almost skim the edge of the water. So make sure to include Cairns to Brisbane route as a part of your trip.

Also, the stunning islands and beaches accessible from the route are another significant adventures if you’re thinking of choosing this track.

Drive From Torquay to Allansford


Undeniably, the route from Torquay to Allansford is one of the county’s most popular place for road tripping. Taking a trip with the Great Ocean Road is a custom of most Australians. It covers 243 kilometers along some of the most stunning coastlines in Australia, experiencing in the rainforest, shipwrecks, sunburnt cliffs, and also the famous Twelve Apostles.

On the other hand, explore the Port Campbell National Park other than the Apostles. This route is also home to the Island Archway, the cliff-face Gibson Steps, and also to Loch Ard Gorge which is a place of a 19th-century shipwreck.

So if you’re taking one route, consider starting in Torquay, so you will be on the ocean side of the highway, making it easier to stop for lookouts.

Take the Grand Pacific Drive from Sydney

This beautiful, dramatic road starts just an hour south of Sydney. Take the perfect arches of Sea Cliff Bridge as it winds around the face of the cliff about 50 meters out of the sea. You can also extend your trip to Hyams Beach, just a few hours down the road where you will find the whitest sand in the world.

Further, you can go for a paddle or surf at quiet beaches along the way, stare at the beautiful sea of Kiama blowhole, or go dolphin and whale watching. Moreover, you can stay at Hyams Beach for a night before returning to Sydney for more exciting experiences.

Take the Highway 1

Probably what you crave the most is the longest and most exciting road trip the planet can offer. Sufficiently, Highway 1 that winds around Australia is one of the world’s most extensive roads, as it takes for 14,500 kilometers and runs around the entire coastline virtually.

Amazingly, this highway is made up of a sequence of paths which passes through every capital, state, and implicitly all of the main attractions in Australia.

Trip the Way from Broom to Perth


Another beautiful coastal drive that you shouldn’t miss is the route in the south along the west coast of Australia. Get your cameras ready because this scenic path between the charming towns of Perth and Broome offers plenty of attractive photo opportunities, from the extraordinary natural rock spans in Kalbarri National Park to the clear waters of Ningaloo Reef, and the delightful desert sceneries of Karratha.

Further, the reefs here are remarkably bright and even encounter the wild bottlenose dolphin racing their way to you for feeding. Not to mention, Shell Beach which made up of countless tiny white shells, is just another breathtaking scenery you can experience in this place.


If you think to head down under, a road trip in Australia has to be one of the best options to see the most of this diverse country. Thus, grab some wheels, pack your luggage which is available from Luggage Online and set out into the exciting territory.

Either take the Grand Pacific drive, along with the rugged, beautiful coastlines or ride the path off Highway 1, Australian road trip will give you an unforgettable experience.

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