Cookies and Scream Review | London’s Best Ice Cream Sandwich

Cookies and Scream in Camden will have you in hysterics with their desserts.

I’m in love with this ice cream sandwich.

Now I know how George Bluth felt.

I’ve come across many ridiculous desserts in London, but the ice cream sandwich takes the biscuit. Or cookie I guess.

I had the choc chip cookie and vanilla ice cream. Those cookies are thick individually, together with the ice cream it was quite a mouthful! The cookies are super thick and heavy!

I’m still on the hunt for the best milkshakes in London and Cookies and Scream offer several. I opted for the cookie ball dough purely out of curiosity.


The milkshake was borderline ice cream, I struggled a little to suck it through the straw. Instead, I used the straw as a makeshift spoon while the ice cream/milkshake melted. At the end, you have the added bonus of eating cookie dough.

Everything at Cookies and Scream is vegan and gluten free too.

This was Thursday lunchtime by the way. Yup, I’m out of control.

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