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Corporate Travel, Extended Family Stays…Who Stays in Serviced Apartments?

Serviced apartments are rising, and many visitors love them since they are spacious, budget-friendly, and offer privacy. According to the Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report, the supply of serviced apartments has improved by 14.75%. This is probably because the apartments offer everything guests require during their stay. 

Serviced accomodation is an alternative to hotel accommodation, and the best thing about it is that it offers extended stay. This article will help you understand who they are meant for and if they are worth it.

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Types of Serviced Accommodation

Extended Stay Apartment

These are usually found in city areas and are entirely furnished, meaning they contain a bathroom, kitchen, dining area, working desk, and free Wi-Fi. Their services are weekly cleaning, fresh linen supply, etc. You can stay in the apartment for five or more days. 

Corporate Housing

This is mostly found in the residential location and is suitable for individuals on extended work periods. The good thing about them is they offer a lot of privacy as there is no hotel feel. You can move wherever and whenever you want. You can also book the apartment for around 1 to 3 months. 

Who Are Serviced Apartments Meant For? 

Business Travelers

The first group of people that can take advantage of serviced apartments are business travellers. The apartments are usually equipped with free internet and a working desk. This offers a comfortable working environment for business travellers as they can always hold meetings whenever they want to. Also, there are fewer distractions. 

International Assignees

These are individuals who a certain organization or company has asked to work in a neighbouring country. They can also use serviced apartments during their trip as the apartments come with everything one will need during the stay. The best part is that the apartments are private, and assignees can stay for as long as they want.


If your work is far from your home, serviced apartments can be a great solution to your trouble. It is an ideal place to stay whether you are on an extended project or short-term stay. The accommodation offers you a home feel since you can do everything comfortably, like cooking and cleaning for yourself. 

Family Relocation

Serviced apartments function as temporary accommodations to those families relocating or waiting for their homes to be renovated. They can use the apartment for quite a while before they figure out where they will move next. The accommodation is usually a great place for large families because it comes with various equipment and is also spacious, which means everyone will live comfortably. 


Some explorers wish to extend their stay and discover most parts of the city. These people can also use serviced apartments as the accommodation will provide them with the most necessary thing they will require every day. Apart from that, the serviced apartments allow guests to save money which they can use on other things.

Serviced apartments are always the best type of accommodation to use when on an extended project. This is because they allow you to carry out your activities with the utmost privacy. Families, business travellers, and other people can use the accommodation to make their stay much more comfortable. 

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