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Cost-Cutting Ideas For Renting A Car

As an international traveler looking for a getaway in Riyadh, you are always interested in exploring the countryside and there is nothing better than doing it in a rental car since the public transport is limited to locations and is not a cost-effective way. But Before you commit to a contract with a car rental agency you should read this article on how to save money while renting a car. Riyadh Airport car rental service is a cheap and affordable way to get a rental car to explore the gem of the Gulf Sultanate.


Car rental services are not only being used by the tourists but also by locals for daily commuting as the rental car provides the freedom to move around the big city for visiting as a tourist or as a local tending to his daily needs. Renting a car in Riyadh can be cruel if you don’t have the knowledge of how to reduce the cost of the rental by checking for discount coupons and having a travel itinerary beforehand and many more. Let’s look into some important facts that are needed to know before making a rental agreement with a car rental service in Riyadh.

1. Avoid Picking Car Rental at the airport:

Once you have a travel itinerary ready, remember to book the car rental before you make your trip or land at your destination. This might be a bit tedious at first but this can save a lot of cash if you pre-book your rental contract before arriving at the destination airport. 

Picking up a car rental at the airport is something you should avoid at all costs since they are known to pile up a lot of surcharges along with the service charge which can put a hole in your pocket since you will be charged with additional taxes over the rental of the car. 

riyaYou can expect a hike of 10 to 25% additional charges to the basic rent cost of the car if the rental agreement is made at the airport. It is best suited to book the rental car in advance so these unnecessary charges can be avoided or just rent a Uber to the rental car depot and then make the agreement if prior arrangements were not made.

2. Look for Best Value Insurance:

One of the biggest investments that you have to make is getting insurance. This can cost a lot of money if you end up with the wrong insurance deal. It is always advisable that you check the best deals available for insurance, and it is advisable to pay up for the insurance prior to using a credit card. A lot of credit card companies offer a lot of primary coverage as a part of their perks but it is extremely necessary that you understand the terms and conditions in which they are offering the coverage. 

One of the best ways to have a cheap deal on the insurance is to get it done outside the premises of the rental agency. The rental agency can add some surcharges if they suggest any insurance to you. It is better suggested to check for various insurance deals online and approach them once you have a car for rental and try to pay using a credit card to avoid complications and to get discounts on the insurance deals.

3. Book Rentals online:

With the rise in technology, anyone can access information about any city or region by visiting official websites online these days. When you plan to move for a vacation go through the local business websites and try to find the best deals online since there are various offers that are visible online to attract tourists which may not be displayed when you visit the physical office location. So it is highly suggested that before making a decision about renting a car visit the website to check for the listed details. 

There are certain memberships that you may possess like Costco or AAA and these memberships help in providing you some exciting discounts and online coupons which can help and do your homework for searching for a good car rental and can even land you exclusive deals where the rental car company might provide the rental service for free for a day or two if the rental is booked prior for a week or longer which is actually good since you need to worry only about the gas.

4. Tolls and cancellation fees:

Many car rental companies have a cancellation fee if you have booked a car rental service and changed your mind about the trip. It is always advisable that you go to their website and check if there is any cancellation fee involved or not. 

Certain agencies do provide zero cancellation fees which is a boon for travelers who do not have a definite plan for the trip. While planning, try to have a definite itinerary since changing plans and making cancellations while a cancellation fee is involved might cost you for something which was not needed. Similarly, beware of one more small fact while traveling to Riyadh ensure that you are paying for the Tolls on the road in cash. 

Some rental companies get their plates registered and when the plates run through the tolls the rental companies charge you an additional cost which is inconvenient. So make it a practice that while traveling makes sure you are paying the tolls in cash so the rental companies do not pile up the plate tolls in your rental bill.

Few important points to remember which might help in reducing the rental charge for you: 

While traveling with your family ensure you have your own child seat while traveling since the rental agencies take a lot of money for installing a kid car seat in your rental car.

Always make sure you know the right car as per your utilization in mind a sedan or an SUV has different rental rates so ensure you have the car as per your needs.

Inspect the car for dents and inform the rental agency prior or else the rental agency might add the damages to your bill which can be something you don’t want to pay up extra for.

These are a few ways in which you can have a car rental service in Riyadh and also save a lot of money if planned and decided judiciously.

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