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Five Best Las Vegas Souvenirs

Las Vegas is known all over the world for being a city dedicated to good times and entertainment, and visitors quickly discover the meaning behind its nicknames: “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” and “Sin City.”

Whether you spend your time at the gaming tables, drinking and partying, taking in a show, gawking at bizarre neon designs or exploring the amusements and attractions, you’ll want to have a few keepsakes from your visit to this fabulous city built for fun.

Tee-shirts make marvelous conversation starters that make it easy for you to brag about all the fun you had in Vegas, unless you’re wearing one that says “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” A winning casino chip can be your new lucky charm, and Vegas playing cards are always a great keepsake. And anything related to the continuous flow of beverages in Las Vegas is a souvenir that you get to use over and over, like shot glasses, beer cozies or coffee mugs. For something a little more unique, check out this list of great Las Vegas souvenirs and pick out your own favorites:

5. Miniature Las Vegas Welcome Signs

English: The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Veg...

English: The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign on South Las Vegas Boulevard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada!” A miniature lighted Vegas welcome sign is a fun reminder that pays tribute to the spectacular sign that since it was erected in 1959 has welcomed millions of visitors to the Las Vegas Strip with open arms.

4. Dice Clocks

Add up the dice to check the time on a clock with numbers represented by a pair of dice (or a single di for one.) Every souvenir store in Vegas carries dice clocks in a variety of somewhat eccentric designs, and they are fantastic reminders for yourself or for a gift.

3. Tchotchkes

Roulette Wheel Ashtray, , Souvenir Plates, Spoons, Fridge Magnets, Keychains, Piggy Bank Little oddities in unique designs make the most amusing and entertaining mementoes, things like a roulette wheel ashtray, or a casino souvenir piggy bank. And everyone should own a set of dice fridge magnets and a dice key chain.

Viva Las Vegas (song)

Viva Las Vegas (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Anything Elvis

He’s still the King in Vegas, where he rocked 837 sold-out at the Las Vegas Hilton in the years between 1969 and 1976. Everyone who comes to Las Vegas needs to have an Elvis souvenir, like a pair of goldrimmed sunglasses with sideburns, or tee shirt designed to imitate the King’s iconic white sequined jumpsuits.

And the most popular Las Vegas souvenir….

1. A New Bride!

Did you know that Elvis got married in Las Vegas? Nevada’s “no-waiting” marriage license policy has fostered a plethora of themed wedding chapels along the Vegas Strip, where you can have an Elvis impersonator perform a Blue Hawaii wedding for you and your honey, whether you came to Vegas for the purpose of eloping with your sweetheart of whether you just met the love of your life a few hours ago at the gaming tables. Given that more than 86,000 marriage licenses were issued in Las Vegas in 2012, it is understandable how the city got its third nickname: The Marriage Capital.

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