Review: Creams Cafe, Kingston | Best Ice Cream Sundae In London

I left my sweet tooth in Creams. And that’s where it will stay until I try everything on their delicious menu.

I wasn’t sure whether to eat or climb this man made mountain which was my Ferrero Roche sundae it was that big. £7 may be at the top end of the dessert price scale, but you sure get a lot for your money, more than I was expecting to be honest.

The Ferrero Roche sundae comprises of two scoops of ice cream (one chocolate, one regular), chocolate flakes, two wafers,a chocolate wafer stick and chocolate chips.

And if that wasn’t enough chocolate for you, there is a generous helping of chocolate sauce hiding at the bottom of the glass which sticks to the back of your throat like cough syrup, but in a much, much nicer way. Chocolate flavoured cough syrup anyone?

Other interesting flavours on the menu include Bubblelicious, After Eight Mint Choc Sundae and the Birthday Extravaganza which consists of 15 (yes 15) scoops of ice cream on a bed of waffles with whipped cream, syrups (yes plural), wafers and sprinkles for £27.95. I think this is supposed to be shared, although I would be up for a Man Vs. Food challenge of this.

Creams also offer milkshakes, gelato, sorbets, cakes, smoothies, waffles, protein power shakes and crepes too. Phew!

As you can tell, Creams isn’t your average ice cream parlour. The dark purple and black decor shining with glitter makes you feel like you’re in an exclusive VIP nightclub. Dance music plays in the background while the disco ball spins late into the night (Creams is open till midnight Friday-Saturday and 11pm Sunday-Thursday).

If you’ve been looking for the best ice cream parlour in London, stop searching. They have cafes in a number of locations including Brixton if you’re looking to try the best ice cream sundae closer to central London.

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