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Best Alternative Bucks Party Ideas in Brisbane: Day and Night

Whether you’re looking to drink the night away, party on the water or find a fun activity for everyone, you’re sure to find the perfect bucks idea here.
Brisbane is often called the gateway to Far North Queensland, but we like to think of it as the gateway to bucks party paradise. The city has earned the nickname “Briz-Vegas” for a reason. There is plenty to do with your mates by day and by night, and the best stag do’s go the distance. Here are some ideas for you and your mates.

Bucks Day Ideas

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Golf and Girls

Hire a limo or hummer to pick you and the boys up for a day of golf. Hire a beautiful golf bunny or two for the ride out to the course to take the party to the next level. Play a few holes of golf, lose a few bucks to your best mate and then hit the 19th hole. Grab a few more beers and make fun of your mate’s epic shanks.


Getting shot will hurt less if you drink. Paintball has to be one of Brisbane’s best bucks party activities. It gets the adrenaline flowing and it’s primal. And you get to take your aggression out on the mate that never paid you back that $50. Plus, your wounds can be tended to by the strippers you have planned for the crew later in the day. And chicks dig scars.

Brewery Tour

There’s nothing more manly than beer. Round up your best mates, hire a limo and take a brewery tour. You get bonus points for hiring a stripper or two for the ride between breweries. And day drinking is the best. It creeps up on you slowly until you find yourself hugging your best mate and telling him how much you love him. This is one of the best bucks party ideas that your buddies will likely never forget.

Bucks Night Ideas

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Poker Party

You’re a man. You open the pickle jar on the first try, build things with your hands and compete. And those competitive juices only make women look more beautiful. Have a round of poker with a topless dealer or cocktail waitress to really kick the party into overdrive. Plus, poker’s one of the few games where you get better with every drink. At least that’s true before you lose everything.

Cruise Party

Head out on the harbour with your best mates to board the SS Boobs & Butts. Bring your cards for some poker, enjoy the twinkling lights of the city and get served booze by topless waitresses. The best bucks cruises in Brisbane gives you a private show at the end of the ride.

Go Karts

No good stag party is without competition. Whether it be golf, poker or go-karts, you need to be able to get bragging rights over your mates somehow. Head out to the track to get the competitive juices flowing which will give you the energy to tackle a drunken night through the bars to celebrate the last moments of your best mate’s freedom. Lean into the turn to make the most out of a night of debauchery, beautiful women and copious amounts of booze.
Brisbane isn’t just a good jump-off point for the Great Barrier Reef. It’s the perfect spot to shove your mate into the oblivion of married life. The city is surrounded by manly activities perfectly suited for the day and for the night. Combine some of these events to make the most memorable weekend ever.

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