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Best Yacht Destinations in the World

For decades not there have been companies that offer yacht travelling to places from all over the world.

Usually, yachts can be rented for a few days or for a few weeks, but in the last couple of years there are more and more people who rent yachts for a longer period of time.

After all, night sailing on a yacht is one of the most romantic things in the tourism industry.

Most customers who take advantage of this niche in the tourist industry are usually families, couples or groups of friends and colleagues, which means that literally everybody can rent a yacht.

You can either drive the yacht yourself, or you can book a professional skipper to drive it for you.

This means that your skipper will take care of the daily management of the yacht, leaving you some free time for swimming, diving and relaxing.

The skipper will also recommend you some local attractions. When there is a skipper on board,

they are responsible for the safety of the yacht and its crew.

What is the perfect timing to rent a yacht?

Most people who belong to the “cruise society” consider the beginning of December as the perfect timing to rent a yacht for the next year’s summer. Of course, there are no strict rules that need to be followed, so the choice is all yours.

What are the best destinations to visit while yacht travelling?

No matter if you are going on a romantic yacht cruise or sail away just to have a party with some friends or family, the choice of a destination is an important part of planning the whole thing. This means that you need to find a sailing area which is suitable for you and your ability to drive your yacht.

Here are some of the most-preferred destinations that should be taken into consideration when planning a yacht trip:

Sailing in the Caribbean

There are seven main bases for charter boating, which include British Virgin Islands (BVI), St Vincent Island and the Grenadines, the Martinique, Antigua, Guadeloupe and St Maarten Islands.

All of them, along with some of the most attractive places in the Bahamas add another 100 nautical miles of sailing to the already existing water areas of the Caribbean and its spectacular beauty.

Sailing in the Caribbean is an experience that is unforgettable thanks to the dramatic white sand beaches, the crystal clear waters and the abundance of hidden treasures waiting to be found.

Enjoy the combination of sailing through waves and sea foam, and quiet and calm waters as far as your sight can get. Discover some secluded wild places, and green bays covered with palm trees, and it won’t take you a lot of time to adjust to the rhythm of this way of life.

Sailing in the Mediterranean

There are a lot of attractive destinations based in the Mediterranean, including Greece, Italy, Turkey and Croatia, which offer you the perfect conditions for sailing and you can take advantage of their beauty literally during the whole year. Discover a completely new perspective of the amazing coastlines of these countries and experience the thrilling sensation when watching the clear horizon and the vast expanse of sea before you.

You can explore all the historic cities, ancient ruins, secluded covers and small fishing villages, while enjoying the spectacular scenery surrounding you. And of course, you will always get a warm welcome around here.

Explore the Far East and the most exotic places on Earth

There are numerous places in Asia and the South Pacific that you can explore by embarking on a fascinating yacht cruise in some of the most of the most impressing water areas in the world.

You can merge with the dramatic landscapes of Thailand, drive your yacht to the magical Seychelles or Tahiti, go to the breathtaking territory of Whitsundays that includes the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or sail in the turquoise waters of Tonga, Polynesia.

Author Bio: Jack Sheamus loves to travel around the world. He is the owner of HireHouseCleaner and thanks to that he has the time to share his adventures with the readers.

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