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Where to Dine in Brazil? Must Eat Places in Brazil

Cuisines and Brazil have long lasting relation. Once the eating hub for residents today Brazil is world famous for its scrumptious cuisines and variety of lavish dining venues. Brazilian restaurants serve both local and international dishes.

Presenting a wonderful combination of fresh sea fishes, beans, and exotic fruits, Brazil restaurants are sure to amuse your taste buds. While holidaying in Brazil don’t miss the chance to dine in different restaurants of the country. Listed below are a few cities in the country that serve delicious cuisines.

Rio de Janerio – Rio de Janerio has a plethora of restaurants from chic and expensive to low-budget venues suiting budget. The cuisines range from typical Brazilian food like vegetables and seafood to international delicacies. The restaurants listed below are highly recommended for visitors who live to eat:

  • Café Lamas – The famous celebrity restaurant, serves simple and traditional food items with steaks and seafood. The venue is visited by famous Brazil tourist visa holders.
  • Satyricon – The most popular restaurant is known for its grilled seafood and variety of sauces.
  • Quadrifoglio – This restaurant has a unique yet an excellent range of wine and dining menu. It is famous for Italian dishes.

Sao Paulo – The restaurants in Sao Paulo are famous for its dining décor or scene. The restaurants over here set a perfect dining mood with its impeccable décor and setting. If you have cash, wear a beautiful evening dress and move to the famous dining venues of Sao Paulo. The renowned restaurants of this place include:

  • Fasano – This is a popular and a wonderful restaurant for dining for people mad over Italian cuisines. This restaurant serves delicious and authentic Italian food.
  • DOM – Run by Chef Alex Atala, DOM serves authentic Brazilian food. It includes native Brazilian ingredients like Tucupi juice, piraiba fishes, herb jambu and the tapioca from manioc flour.
  • Mani – Renowned for its settings, this restaurant presents a wonderful amalgamation of contemporary and traditional décor. It serves Brazilian, Spanish and Italian dishes.

Amazonas – The cuisines of this place are largely influenced by the native Tupi, people who live largely on freshwater fish, exotic fruit and manioc. Pato no Tucupi is the regional favorite made up of garlic, duck, and juice of both lemons and manioc roots. Some of the popular and most recommended restaurant of Amazonas includes – Pomme D’Or, Dom Giuseppe, La Madre, Remanso do peixe and Beto Grill. The restaurant is most visited by famous personalities with valid Brazil visa.

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