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Dogsy Review – I Turned My Dog’s Face Into a Personalised Pillow

This is one of my favourite pictures of my dog, Lucky.

It was taken by my mum.

He’s never smiled and sat still like that for me.

Rather than print another photo to add to my mum’s ever growing collection of colleges, I looked at alternative gifts for my mum.

Personalised socks or pyjamas with Lucky’s face on them for my mum?


Knowing my mum’s love of pillows (the coach is really just a sea of pillows) I decided my mum would love a personalised pillow.

I found a company called Dogsy who turned dogs faces into personalised pillows.

I was slightly concerned with the quality of the photo. It was taken on my mum’s rather cheap smartphone.

I emailed Dogsy support with the photo and asked their expert opinion – will this photo be okay to use?

Sent to a designer, the answer was yes. It was great to get reassurance before I purchased.

The end result?

It isn’t just my mum and me we love it, the whole family love it too.

Even blown up, the quality doesn’t look pixelated.

The pillow has this lovely soft velvety touch and I think Dogsy did a great job shaping the pillow to Lucky’s face. Even getting his sticky up ears perfectly.

Check out the whole Dogsy range including key rings, coasters and even air fresheners too!

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