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On the blog today we have one of our new favourite bloggers, Elisha from Leesh Loves, answering our five travel questions. Find out about her fast adventures in Egypt and which landmark took her breath away.

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Why do you love travel?

I travel for so many reasons. I especially love the freedom that I feel when visiting a different country – exploring both the place and myself whilst shedding any ignorance (that tends to grow if you stay in once place forever). I love that when I travel I can see how other people live, and it helps me to reserve judgement in the future. I love the memories that come with travelling (good and bad) that help to shape me as a person, they are much more valuable than material things. I really hope that I can continue to see different parts of the world and become a better person in the process

What destination is top of your bucket list?

I really want to visit India. I am half Gujarati and have a deep urge to explore my culture. I want to eat the delicious food, witness the beautiful array of coloured sari’s and uncover hidden gems in the markets. Other than India, there are MANY places I want to visit and explore – I can’t wait until I make these dreams a reality!

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to?

It has to be the Grand Canyon in Arizona. After arriving on the coach, I walked up a dusty track to a wide opening between some trees, and what lay before my eyes was absolutely breath-taking. The landscape was so powerful that I couldn’t stop staring at its smooth edges and deep ridges. I couldn’t quite believe that this wondrous scenery had been carved by a river, not man made in any way. The colours of the canyon changed throughout the day from very light and dusty to dark, with purple and green hues. I would definitely love to go again, it makes you appreciative of how intricate our natural world is.


What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?

I have had many amazing memories when travelling, but my favourite has to be quad biking in the Sinai desert in Egypt. Me and my boyfriend had a rough stay in Egypt (dodgy food made us ill) and we were sure that the trip would be a write off. Luckily we decided to go ahead with our planned quad biking experience, and it was well worth it! We sped past sand dunes with scarves wrapped tight around our faces to keep the sand out. I felt like Lara Croft!

What is your favourite photo from your travels?

I love sunrises and sunsets, and this one of the most beautiful sunsets I managed to capture in Rhodes.

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