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Best Women’s Travel Products

There are certain pieces that every woman should have, especially one who is on the go a lot traveling, working… whatever it may be! Fashion is a way to express creativity and personal style, but it can also offer practical elements to how you move about your day.


So, for the on the go women out there, here are a few pieces that you should have:

A reliable, stylish backpack

A bag is an essential item for every woman, especially for those on the go. Backpacks have become more fashionable in recent years, and it is a welcomed shift due to how convenient they are when you are on the go! A reliable, stylish backpack can hold your essential items for your days out while keeping your hands free and complimenting your looks. For a high-quality backpack that won’t break on you and even better, last you years to come, check out websites like Mirta for the best Italian backpacks. When choosing your reliable backpack, check the material and make sure it’s something waterproof and long-lasting! 

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Designer wool/silk blend scarf

A designer wool or silk blend scarf adds that elevated touch to any outfit. Many designer pieces are simply out of budget, but choosing a scarf is more affordable and is also a piece that really stands out in fall/winter outfits especially. So, take your time choosing the designer you want to support and the design/color that suits your personal style the best. These are super easy to throw on when flying or in the evenings!

Ambient spray

An ambient spray can transform the environment of any space you are in. Carry a mini one of your favorite scents wherever you go, so you can spritz a couple sprays in your destination and make it your own. This is particularly beneficial if you are traveling and want to freshen up the space and make it your own. Sprays from brands like Diptyque are super long lasting and have amazing scents that will make you feel like you are somewhere fabulous in France! 

Comfy black jeans that can be worn anywhere

Black jeans look more formal than a pair of blue jeans, but they still have that level of comfort to them. Finding a pair that is comfortable is key, then from there you can wear them just about anywhere. Black jeans look great dressed down with a pair of sneakers or comfortable boots with a tee or dressed up for a night out on the town. Either way, you’ll be comfortable and looking great too! 

Ballet flats

Ballet flats elevate any outfit, even for the day when you have a simple outfit on and you want just a touch of elevated yet comfortable fashion. They are more formal than a street-style sneaker or casual boot, but you can also walk comfortably in them during your days out and about. You can run around cobblestoned streets in Rome for example with no problems thanks to the flat comfort of the shoes!

These are essentials that may call for a bit more of an investment, but they are things you will have for a while. Not to mention, they are more sustainable and these high-quality products will last you for years to come.

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