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Elizabeth from Truly Eli answers our Five Travel Questions! Find out more as she tells us how she caught the travel bug and her travels in France!


Why do you love travel?

It all started when I was a young, lost, and confused high school graduate. I decided to take a leap of faith into an unfamiliar experience- au pairing. I was an au pair in southern France for 10 months 2011-2012. While there, I travel to several countries, had countless wild and life-changing experiences and now I’m hooked-hooked on traveling. This summer, I will be volunteering at The Golden Temple in India for a month and then I will be an au-pair in a small town in Italy for a month. And I will be blogging all about it!

Traveling enables me to grow, learn, and connect.  Traveling has allowed me to discover a new part of myself, as cliché as that may seem it’s very true. Because of traveling I’ve been forced to put myself out there and get lost in the world (literally). I’ve become a better person because of it.  I’ve gotten to learn about countries I didn’t even know existed. I’ve made friends from all over the world!

What destination is top of your bucket list?

One of my top destinations is Cuba. Growing up, I would constantly hear of all the wonders in Cuba and personal life stories, so in a way I feel like it’s been a part of my life. I would love to travel to Cuba to get in touch with my roots and explore the beautiful sites the island has to offer.

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to?

It’s always so difficult to a favorite spot because I’ve been to so many different locations and there are always unique and special things to love about all of them! But if I have to pick, (for now) it is Bordeaux, France. I called Bordeaux home for ten months while I was an au pair there and absolutely loved it. It is full of culture-stunning architecture, museums, and delicious food. It is filled with so much life-there is always something to do. The city also has a lot of sentimental value to me because I lived there during a time when I went through struggles, personal growth, and learning. I’ve also met a few of my closest friends while living there with whom I’ve traveled, danced, laughed, and even cried!

What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?

One day while I was living in southern France, I got lost. I literally walked to another city. This was shortly after I arrived to France, so I was new to the area and barely spoke the language. Three hours of walking later, I managed to communicate with the locals and find my way back. It was an interesting experience because I was not frightened or worried whatsoever; I saw it as simply a stroll around the area. I enjoyed the sites and communicating with the locals which were (for the most part) very helpful.

This memory is my favorite because being lost put me in a vulnerable position but I found the strength to overcome it. I didn’t freak out about being lost in a foreign country even with the language barrier.

What is your favourite photo from your travels?

I really love this picture of two of my closest friends and me in Heidelberg, Germany. The site itself is stunning- we walked up a hill where we can see the Heidelberg Castle, Neckar River, and the bridge. The moment was captured so beautifully with the deep blue sky and the brightly lit castle in the background.


This summer, she’ll be volunteering at The Golden Temple in India for a month and then she’ll be an au-pair in a small town in Italy for a month. After that she’ll be travelling with her mother in Europe. Check out her blog and follow her on instagram and twitter for travel tips and updates on her adventures abroad this summer!

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