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Charter a Private Jet: Epic Party Travel Tips

If you are traveling with a group for a gathering, one of the best ways to travel in style while getting the party started right is to charter a private jet.

With a jet charter service, you can relax or party on your way to the main event while surrounded by your crew instead of the random assorted passengers on a commercial airliner. Your friends will also surely appreciate this personal touch of class and ensure that your trip is one of your best yet. Whether you want to charter a private jet to Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, or beyond, you are sure to enjoy the flight โ€“ but where to go? Here are a couple of the best party trips available.

View of Las Vegas from the plane to LAX
View of Las Vegas from the plane to LAX (Photo credit: David Jones)
  • Las Vegas โ€“ You can charter a private jet to Las Vegas to kick off your bachelor/bachelorette party before you even get to the city. The personal service offered on these jets will allow a seamless segue into your luxurious Las Vegas hotel. Best of all, with the punctuality offered by a jet charter service, you will know your exact arrival time, ensuring that your carefully planned night can begin without a hitch.
  • NY to LA โ€“ There is a near-infinite number of events happening in two of Americaโ€™s most active cities, and sometimes the big ones you refuse to miss end up on the same day. With a jet charter service, like Private Jetscape, you can make sure your presence is known where it needs to be, no matter where that is. Some jets are capable of making the flight without even stopping for fuel, further ensuring that the trip to your favorite destination is as quick as possible.
Looking southwest at New York City from the pl...
Looking southwest at New York City from the plane/by air. left|400px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Other party hotspots like Miami, the Bahamas, and Rio de Janeiro make for incredible trips with the jet charter service as well. The unparalleled ease of flying in a private jet makes sure that you are in best of spirits when you arrive to begin the party. The next time you are planning a big bash for your pals, charter a private jet to Las Vegas and they will be sure to agree you knocked it out of the park!

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