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Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok: Exotic or Exhausting?

Shopping could come under a recommended activity in Bangkok, as the shopping mania has spread around every nook and cranny of the city. Natives have already been enjoying a wholesome shopping experience where the tourists also have become so attached and addicted to it and start their shopping as soon as they land down from the planes.

People love buying things from here as they are open to such a great oppportunity where they can get everything for less. Bangkok has too many options to make your purchases but the only thing about Bangkok is that you should always be cautious before paying. As the tourist count is increasing day by day, the prices are also marked touristy, so barter nicely before buying anything.

Though heaps of shopping opportunities are there, most people prefer the Chatuchak Weekend Market, as everything is fresh to buy whether it is fashion or eatables. Not alone clothing and accessories could be bought from this weekend market, one could get everything else he wants under the sun. Though there are a number of good things to state about the market, being careful will be a wise idea if you want to proceed your shopping without any hassle.

Always keep an eye on your belongings. Don’t put your purse on your back pocket, the chances of losing it is obviously high. Why to take risk? Place it carefully in the front pockets of your shirt or pant or just put them inside your shoulder bag.

Never wear valuable ornaments – gold or platinum or gemstones, and esspecially your high-priced wrist watch. If someone snatches it and disappears, you could not suspect the whole crowd.

Don’t show off your tablets or laptops or smartphones – scammers will be every where, and will be watching the tourists that has valuables and will grab them from you in no matter of time.

Things that will help you to do a worry-free shopping.

l  Be simple by dressing like a native (just a t-shirt and a three fourth pant). Take a small back bag or hang bag with you, with only needed cash and leave the rest in your hotel room. It’s always important to make your stay in a reputed hotel like the Bangkok – Jasmine Resort.

l  Bargaining is the key tool involved in doing a shopping in the Chatuchak Weekend Market, so barter hard and if the vendor says he can’t afford you, leave the shop and go to the next one, as so many are available there with the same stuff.

l  Eat as you desire, but never go for the exposed one. Choose your foodstuffs from a shop that sells everything wrapped up or covered.

l  Drink plenty of water while being here as the weather is almost humid. You should also be ready to sweat a lot while moving through the crowd so dress up accordingly.

l  Do shop here till you become tired and exhaused, as this Bangkok market sells exotic goods that you would love for sure.

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Have you been to Chatuchak Weekend Market? What are your tips for haggling? Tell me in the comments section below.


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