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How to Buy Soccer Tickets in England: Tips and Advice

Several weeks ago, we had the opportunity to visit England and go to an EPL (English Premier League) match, well that was the plan until we looked at the prices for tickets. The easiest part of our trip was getting to England, the hardest part was deciding on where and how we get the tickets.

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With so many options we have to thank Adam for providing us with the guide for buying Liverpool fc tickets at SafeFootballTickets. Here is our experience

Option 1. Official Box Office.

The first port of call for any football fan looking for tickets is to contact the official box office. This is definitely the cheapest option and is worth consistently contacting them, ideally via telephone. Many EPL teams have membership requirements which means that prior to ticket purchase each person needs a membership account with the club. This costs from around £20 up to £45 depending on the football club. We were advised by the ticket office that tickets for all games go on sale 3 weeks before and then during the week of the match. We were told to telephone every day as most teams have returns which means tickets can go on sale.

Option 2: Official Supporters Club.


Another method recommended as a good option to get tickets was via the official supporters’ clubs that are based around the world. We decided to contact the Liverpool supporters club in Minneapolis in the hope they had some available. This would have been a great option except they had exhausted their allocation and fans have to put in for requests 4 weeks before the game. We had no luck but this is definitely recommended. The Liverpool Supporters club page has an extensive list of all the pages.

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Option 3: Secondary Websites.

When all else fails and official websites have sold-out then trying dedicated secondary football websites is the next step. With so many websites online all purporting to be safe and guaranteed, the difficulty is finding the best one to use.

Option 4: Outside Anfield

We managed to get tickets delivered to us at our hotel in Liverpool so we didn’t need to purchase tickets outside. However, we did see some local resellers so it is good to know in the future. We did see fans buy tickets outside so this is always an option.

Option 5: VIP Liverpool Tickets

We were informed by the official club that the only tickets for sale was the official VIP seats which include food and drinks. The game we attended wasn’t major so we couldn’t really justify paying £200 each one on hospitality tickets with a meal included.

Whilst we left our ticket searching until the last minute and it wasn’t too much of a stressful experience. With the help of these online guides we were able to locate some seats at a reasonable price. We paid £85 each for tickets which were delivered to us the evening before the match. We were seated in the KOP Grandstand which offers a great atmosphere and view of the game.

If there are no football matches scheduled during your visit, I recommended taking a stadium tour which gives you in-depth history of the club and a behind the scenes look.


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