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Experiencing Bangkok In Style

In 2016 alone, Bangkok – the capital of Thailand, an ever-popular travel spot – hosted 21.5 million visitors, making it the most-visited city in the world. Bangkok is always an immensely popular destination for travellers and tourists with all taste and interests. For those who enjoy experiencing a bit of luxury, the city offers some truly spectacular places to stay, and things to see and do. Here are some of the best ways to experience Bangkok in luxury style:

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Where to stay?

Bangkok is a massive city, at over 1,500 square kilometres, and choosing the best place to stay in the capital is crucial to a truly luxurious experience. There are a number of different areas to choose from, each with distinct characteristics and traits, so taking some time to find somewhere that suits your tastes and sensibilities is important.

Sukhumvit is a popular spot to stay, and understandably so. The 18km long road is home to some fantastic trendsetting restaurants, malls, and clubs, and the location has a distinctly cosmopolitan flair. It’s also a great place for stunning nightlife, with some high-end nightclubs drawing the elite to the road each night, and there are plenty of top-tier hotels to choose from.

For a truly top-shelf experience, however, the Riverside area is without doubt the most opulent place to stay. It’s the site of Bangkok’s historical roots, and the proximity to the Chao Phraya River has attracted some of the classiest accommodation in the city. With an assortment of 5-star hotels available, you’ll be spoilt for choice – and you could even consider staying in one of the luxury homes in Bangkok offered by high-end property clubs.

Experience some authentic Thai culture:

Bangkok has a rich history, and some truly fascinating culture and heritage that visitors can experience for themselves. As luxury travellers increasingly seek out authentic experiences over material goods, taking in some of Bangkok’s art and culture can be a fantastic way to experience the best the city has to offer.

The Artist’s House, a 200-year-old wooden house located along a canal on the Thonburi side of Bangkok, is a wonderful place to start. It’s notoriously tricky to find, requiring that guests navigate a maze of backstreets and alleys, but the journey is worth it. The house has been flawlessly restored, and is one of the most authentic examples of a lifestyle that has all but passed into history. With daily traditional Thai puppet shows, and a variety of traditional works of art set in its authentic halls, the Artist’s House is an unforgettable slice of ancient culture. 

For another authentic taste of Thai culture in Bangkok, visitors can explore its incredible temples. A trip to see the iconic statue of the emerald Buddha at Wat Phra Kaew, or Wat Pho – the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, one of the oldest and largest in Bangkok – is a humbling experience. For something a little less conventional, travellers can pay a visit to Wat Bang Kung: a small temple set inside a magnificent banyan tree.

Other authentic experiences include a trip to Bangkok’s Old City, the cultural and historic centre of the city, where you can take in the astonishing ancient architecture set among its tree-lined avenues and streets. An afternoon trip to Pak Khlon Talad, the flower market, is a lovely way to round off an authentic Bangkok experience, in which all luxury travellers should indulge.

Visit Bangkok’s Stunning Rooftop Bars:

As night descends, Bangkok is transformed. For visitors who appreciate a little elegance, few establishments better represent the refined offerings of Bangkok’s nightlife than its collection of stunning rooftop bars.

There are many to choose from, but a few stand quite literally above the rest. Vanilla Sky Rooftop Bar, atop the Compass Skyview Hotel, is a stellar example. Minimal and refined in design, and with a genuine 360 degree view of the city’s skyline, Vanilla Sky offers visitors an excellent selection of top-tier drinks and food in a wonderful setting.

Also taking part in the ‘rooftop race’ that has been ongoing in Bangkok in recent years are the Sky Bar and Moon Bar. The Sky Bar is frequently acknowledge as one of the world’s best rooftop bars, and is found on the 64th floor of the State Tower – some 820 feet in the air. Visitors can enjoy any number of exquisite drinks, including a ‘hangovertini’, which was created for the cast of ‘The Hangover II’, when they were filming in the hotel.

The Moon Bar offers a slightly less crowded and more refined experience, for those who prefer a little peace, quiet, and comparative solitude of an evening. With a relaxed but still outstanding decor, the Moon Bar, which sits atop the Banyan Tree Hotel, offers diners Asia’s first rooftop ‘grill-and-bar’ experience, serving the highest quality food and drink to guests – just be aware of the smart casual dress code.

Relax with an indulgent spa treatment

Few things are more luxurious or indulgent that enjoying a restorative and relaxing spa treatment. For those who want to experience a little of Bangkok’s luxury, there are plenty to choose from, offering guests everything from massages to aromatherapy.

The Organika Secret Spa is a popular haunt for Bangkok’s elite, and it’s easy to see why. Focusing on organic and all-natural treatments, Organika’s design is based around the classic novel ‘The Secret Garden’, with beautifully maintained plants and foliage throughout. The spa offers signature packages, each individually crafted around one of their unique perfumes, which tailor to things like calming, purification, and rejuvenation.

For a real treat, visitors to Bangkok can book a treatment at the Oriental Spa, which has been repeatedly voted as the best spa in the world by several leisure publications. The expert staff at the Oriental use centuries-old Thai techniques, and practice the ancient alternative medicinal discipline of ‘Ayurveda’. It’s the ultimate place to relax, unwind, and reinvigorate your body and soul.


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