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Exploring the World as a Lesbian Couple

Diversity is a common theme today and rightfully so. As lesbians, exploring the world with openness to diversity can make your passion worthwhile. Whether you like indoor or outdoor activities, it’s almost impossible for you to run out of ideas. This piece looks in-depth at how lesbian couples can best explore the world and make the most out of their adventures.

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Embrace Your Identity and Authenticity 

Being a lesbian, you’ve inadvertently broken out of the traditional norm of opposite-gender dating. Going against the grind will always be accompanied by some criticism, and the LGBTQ community is a testament to this truth. However, nothing should hold you back from expressing your love and affection with your girlfriend. Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right worldwide, and nobody can stop you from expressing yourselves and your ideas. 

That notwithstanding, destinations have different rules and customs. We saw this in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup, where the nation made its pronouncement to football fans about its culture. As an Arab country, Qatar was firm on decent dressing and prohibited public drinking or partying. While some countries may not have a problem with lesbians, other destinations may hold different views. When exploring, it’s prudent to inquire about local ideologies to ensure you don’t offend or break local culture. 

Romantic Adventures for Open Couples 

If you agreed to build an open relationship or one or both partners in your couple are polyamorous, you can even try exploring romantic adventures as a couple looking for girlfriend by means of various dating platforms. Finding special dates during your travel can be exciting. This is just one more thing to do for lesbian couples who want to explore the world. As for the specific examples, you can always consider simple but engaging activities as follows: 

Outdoor Picnic

Exploring the world doesn’t necessarily mean something complicated or overly fancy. Sometimes a romantic picnic in a scenic location like a park or a beach is good enough. To make the most of any picnic, consider packing a delicious meal, a cozy blanket, and a bottle of wine.

Road Trip

If you are an outdoor person, a trip across the country wouldn’t be a bad idea. A road trip gives you the freedom to enjoy the open road and allows you to do it at your pace. If you don’t own a car, you can always rent one from car rentals. 

Navigate LGBT-Friendly Destinations 

When selecting a travel destination, consider places that are safe, accepting, and enjoyable experiences. Here are some key factors to consider, along with a short list of relevant destinations:

Legal Rights and Acceptance

Understanding the legal landscape helps ensure the safety and security of couples in open relationships and LGBTQ+ members. If you’re aware of the local laws or customs, you’ll take appropriate precautions and make informed decisions on how to navigate the location.

Safety and Security

Safety is a top priority for any traveler, and lesbian couples are no exception. Choosing a safe destination makes it less likely for you to encounter discrimination, harassment, or violence based on sexual orientation.   

LGBTQ+ Scene and Community

Destinations with active LGBTQ+ scenes offer many social opportunities, such as LGBTQ+-themed events, parties, pride festivals, and community gatherings. These activities appreciate your unique identity and allow you to express yourself and interact with others. 

That said, some of the ideal destinations for lesbian couples include:

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

This destination is known for its progressive and laid-back attitudes and legal recognition of same-sex relationships.

San Francisco, USA 

This designation is celebrated for its LGBTQ+ community and long-standing advocacy.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This location was ranked as one of the safest cities globally and boasts a welcoming environment for all travelers. 

Barcelona, Spain

You’d be naive to think that Barcelona is only a hotbed of good food and talented soccer clubs. Barcelona is leading the many cities in Europe that embrace diversity and has laws in place that protect the rights of LGBTQ members.

Connect with Local Lesbian Communities 

Connecting with local lesbian communities when you land in a new location can provide valuable insights that make your overall experience worthwhile. Locals know their area intimately, including LGBTQ+-friendly spaces, events, and lesser-known gems. To connect with these communities genuinely, here’s what you can do.

Participating in Community-Based Tourism

Research tourism initiatives that directly involve the local population. This can include staying in local accommodation facilities, dining at family-run restaurants, or participating in organized cultural tours. When you support local businesses and initiatives, you not only contribute to the local economy but also get to socialize with residents.

Volunteering for Local Projects 

Dedicate some of your travel time to volunteering in community projects. Such initiatives could involve teaching English, participating in beach clean-ups, or assisting in community gardens. While at it, you forge meaningful connections with like-minded folks, including fellow lesbians.

Attend Local Events and Festivals

Another surefire way to connect with the local community is by participating in local events and festivals. Local celebrations allow for connecting with the community and witnessing traditional practices. 

Travel Tips and Recommendations 

If you want to make the most of your adventure in new locations, you must do it right.

Get LGBTQ+ Friendly Accommodations

As a lesbian, you already know that not everyone openly embraces your way of life. To avoid unnecessary incidences, why not stay in friendly destinations or accommodations? You can google listings in the area and look at the user reviews to find the most appropriate for you.

Find Couple-Friendly Activities

The purpose of exploring the world is to bond with your significant other. As such, you ought to engage in activities that foster bonding. Such activities include couples’ cooking classes, sunset cruises, and private guided tours. 

Read Local LGBTQ+ Guides and Blogs

Find local LGBTQ+ guides and blogs specific to your destination. They often provide valuable insights, recommendations for friendly spots, events, and tips for navigating the local scene.

When exploring new destinations as a lesbian couple, there are many things to consider. For starters, being aware of local customs and acceptable behavior can help you stay out of trouble. An easier and better way of making the most of your exploration is by forging friendships with locals. Given that they know the area you’ll be visiting well enough, they could help improve your overall experience. They might also have valuable insights about how to carry yourselves in certain places.