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Factors That Decide the Perfect Space For In Where Should I Live Quiz

Millions of people have their dream destination place. Some want to move abroad while others just want to have fun on the island but sometimes finding a perfect location according to your choice becomes quite difficult. People often ask themselves, “where should I live?”

Thus why not find it through a quiz? Yes, quiz. To help you choose the right location, you can go through a 5 to 10 minutes quiz which will help you find a location you dream of. But do you know what factors become a decision maker for you in this quiz? No!! Let’s figure it out.


As it is a renowned platform for finding out your dream destination, it won’t make you feel disappointed by not highlighting every single thing about the place. Thus, tax is one of them. When you go through the quiz, it will ask you questions about the tax rates and types of taxes you have to pay, such as school tax, business tax, gasoline text, etc., so before you enter the quiz, you must be clear about the taxes of destination you are looking forward to moving.


You will find different questions related to the environment and climatic condition of the places, like whether you like summers or winter. What type of climatic condition is appropriate for you? What is your comfort level? These questions compile together to help you find the right location for you. Make sure you answer them honestly to get accurate results.


Are you more into the traditional culture? Want a place to have some local vibes? If you want a modernized place with music venues, sports teams, theaters, etc., then based on your choices, the quiz will highlight some mesmerizing places from all over the world to pick from. You will get a multiple-type question which you can click on and find the dream location by the end.

Food option

You will undoubtedly require a place with high-quality food and another farming market nearby. But if you are confused about where you can find such as ironic location, then don’t worry; the where should I live quiz will ask you all your preferences related to food and choose a place where you do not have to struggle much for anything.

Location size

Do you want to move to a big city or a small town? Are you confused? Well, the location size will help you out. This quiz will determine whether you are a city person or a small-town person and what would suit you best. Seamlessly answer the questions about the locations you have in your mind and find out the best for you.